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Away By Michael Gow (Answers The Questions)

2988 words - 12 pages

1. Find out the characters in “Away” written by Michael Gow!
2. Tell the stories of each acts in this drama!
3. Who do you think the director of this presentation?
4. What can you tell about the uniforms put on by the characters in this drama?
5. Can you give information about the properties used by the director of “Away”?
6. What can you tell about the stage setting constructed in each acts?
7. Can you tell how many settings of place and time in the whole drama “Away”?
(in each acts)
8. When can we be able to know the central theme?
9. What is the central theme?
10. Are you satisfied with this ending? How could it be ended?
a). Tom : Tom is a ...view middle of the document...

Actually, her actions and language are only to hide the pain and fear she felt.
f) Jim : Gwen’s husband and Meg’s father. He is a meek father.
g). Harry : He is Tom’s father. Harry’s appreciation to his son is to accept death. He tries to support his son in every way.
h) Vic : She is Tom’s mother. She tries to support his son, Tom, in every way.
i) Rick : Coral thinks Rick as her lost son. He loves to talk to her. He is on his honeymoon and his new wife does not like when he wants to meet Coral.
j) Leonie : She is one of the hotel guests at the Gold Coast Luxury Hotel. She has an uncomfortable conversation with Coral. I think she has a problem with her husband.
k) First Camper, Second Camper, Third Camper, Forth Camper : they talk with Jim about their plan to approach the Council to build the comfortable facilities for all campers in that area.
l). MC : he brings the audience with a funny joke.
m) Miss Latrobe : appear in Act Five as Tom and Meg’s teacher.
The central character is Tom because Tom throughout the play acts as a catalyst for the change in other characters and is associated with Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. His strength to survive change the other characters. He gives a great inspiration about life to the other characters.
Set in the Australian summer of 1967, Michael Gow’s Away is an elaborate play which explores the ideas of self-discovery and change.   Through the war affected nation, three families, each from different social classes, depart on an iconic Australian holiday to the beach.
Roy and Coral (the headmaster and his wife) are becoming increasingly close to breaking up. Their son was killed in the Vietnam War and Coral is still grieving for him. Tom and Meg were in the school’s production of A Midsummer’s Nights Dream. Tom has Leukemia, and his parents, Harry and Vic, haven’t told him that he is going to die, but Tom has worked it out already. Tom and his family immigrated to Australia form England. They are going on holiday knowing that it could be their last together as a family, and are determined to have a good time. Meg is the same age as Tom and they both like each other. Meg’s parents, Gwen and Jim are going on holiday so Gwen can have a break. Gwen is a nagging wife and mother. She tries to prove that she is the dominant family member.
Act One
Scene 1 : The final scene of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which opens the play presented in a school performance. The dialogue of the Shakespeare’s drama ended by a character named Puck who soon to be revealed as Tom. After that, the headmaster gives a short speech to the audiences.
Scene 2 : The introduction of the characters. There are three different families with different class but know each other who plan for their summer holiday. Gwen’s jealousy and materialistic nature shows when she insults Tom and his family by saying that ‘They shouldn’t be going a holiday if they can’t afford one.’(page 11). Tom hear what Gwen has said before and...

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