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Awakening Of The United States It's About How The United States Launched Itself To The History Of Warfare

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AWAKENING OF THE UNITED STATESAll throughout the war people haven't heard from U.S. In fact, what U.S. actually did during the war was a big question. Did U.S. just allow a global conflict to happen without helping to settle the disputes? Even before the war began, U.S. had enacted laws designed to prevent American involvement in the war. The U.S. had severely impaired its ability to act against aggression by passing a neutrality law that prohibited material assistance to all parties in foreign conflicts. Although U.S. did not formally join the war up until the Pearl Harbor bombing, U.S. was involved in different ways.Although the U.S. refrained from intervention, U.S. played a big role ...view middle of the document...

By this means the U.S. hoped to ensure victory over the Axis without involving its own troops. By late summer of 1941, however, the U.S. was in a state of undeclared war with Germany. Meanwhile, American relations with Japan continued to deteriorate. The U.S. retaliated by prohibiting the exportation of steel, scrap iron, and aviation gasoline to Japan. In April 1941, the Japanese signed a neutrality treaty with the USSR as insurance against an attack from that direction if they were to come into conflict with Britain or the U.S. while taking a bigger bite out of Southeast Asia. When Germany invaded the USSR, Japanese leaders considered breaking the treaty and joining in from the east, but making one of the most fateful decisions of the war, they chose instead to intensify their push to the southeast. Japan occupied southern Indochina. Two days later, the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands froze Japanese assets. The effect was to prevent Japan from purchasing oil, which would, in time, cripple its army and make its navy and air force completely useless. This put U.S. in to a big conflict with Japan as they tried to get in Japan in the middle of their plans.The seeming imminence of a Soviet defeat in the summer and fall of 1941 had created dilemmas for Japan and the U.S. The Japanese thought they then had the best opportunity to seize the petroleum and other resources of Southeast Asia, on the other hand, they knew they could not win the war with the U.S. that would probably ensue. The U.S. government wanted to stop Japanese expansion but doubted whether the American people would be willing to go to war. Moreover, the U.S. did not want to get embroiled in a war with Japan while it faced the possibility of being alone in the world with a triumphant Germany....

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