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Avoding Racism In Care Work Essay

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In Unit 11, both Rosie Purves and Elvis Malcolm talk about their experiences of racism at work. Compare their different experiences and discuss how racism can be avoided in care work.

Racism involves inappropriate behaviour towards another person due to their race, colour, nationality or ethnic group. Racism is made up by people’s Stereotyping, prejudices and discrimination towards others who are different from them. Racism is then applied by someone with the power to act on it. The power relationship gives us understanding to how prejudices and racism are acted upon. I am going to compare Rosie Purves and Elvis Malcolm’s experiences of racism at work and discuss how racism can be ...view middle of the document...

’ (K101, Unit 11, p167) This helps carers working for Somebody Cares know the correct procedure to go though if experiencing racism, while also helping them to feel valued, supported and confident that racism will be dealt with.
Due to the fact that nobody challenged the mother in the case of Rosie, the racism was able to continue. This lead to another mother becoming involved and she also became abusive to Rosie. ‘The second mother started to abuse me’. (Purves, 2010, p24) In comparison, Elvis didn’t face this situation due to the racism he faced being challenged straight away and due to him having full support from his manager.
This shows how important it is to appropriately challenge racism straight away otherwise it can lead to more people thinking its fine to be racist towards others.
In the example of Rosie and her colleagues, even though there was clear awkwardness about what had happened, nobody talked about it. ‘It remained, as she says, ‘an unspoken thing’. (K101, Unit 11, P155) By not talking about racism would affect the staff and the way they coped with it. Further more due to the fact that they didn’t talk about it would lead to a barrier of communication between them. Also it would affect staff being able to support and deal with a service user if they suffered from racism as they wouldn’t know how to challenge it. In comparison to Rosie, Elvis says that, ‘he is able to talk openly about racism to other staff’. (K101, DVD, Unit 11, activity 12) Maybe this is due to there being a wide ethnic group of staff at Somebody Cares so he knows he is not alone and he feels supported
Due to the way racism was handled in the case of Elvis, he knew he was supported by his colleagues and manager so he was able to move on from a situation knowing it was dealt with. He was able to carry on enjoying his job and feel ‘valued at work.’ (K101, DVD, Unit 11, activity 12) In comparison to Elvis, Rosie was alone; she didn’t tell anyone about the racism for seven years. This was due to her feeling ashamed about the way she was being treated and about feelings she had about letting her family down by being stopped from looking after the child. This isolation and loneliness lead to Rosie becoming depressed, Rosie stated, ‘I put a brave face on at work, then I would come home and dissolve into tears at night.’ (Purves, 2010, p 24)
The racism really effected Rosie’s confidence; she was worried when she met new parents as she thought they would not accept her. ‘I’m in turmoil when meeting new parents – I wonder, will they accept me?’ (Purves, 2010, p25)
The experiences that Rosie and Elvis had compare greatly due to the way they were supported. It shows how by not having policies in place and having no support from other members of staff makes it unbearable for those who suffer racism. However it also shows how having the right support and policies in place helps the member of staff to move on and still enjoy their job and feel valued
A way racism can...

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