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Aviation Safety Program Essay

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The paper seeks to look into some of the critical issues concerning safety measures in the commercial aviation industry. It focuses more on the concept of stress in Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) and how high stress levels can affect the performance of ATCs. Further emphasis is laid on the various measures that can be put into place to address some of the safety issues in commercial aviation industry through the risk management strategies. Several aspects of the whole case arise in the whole program of addressing the issue. It becomes a matter of collective responsibility in the bid to ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, this job requires high levels of expertise, knowledge, and practical application of this experience. As such, the air traffic controllers are normally expected to demonstrate high amounts of alertness considering that their duties are very core toward air safety. They are required to display a mixture of interpersonal skills together with human cognitive aspects in a way that blends well to give high performance levels. Stress is indeed a very negative phenomenon that must always be addressed as a safety measure in the aviation industry. In ATC, stress is normally a very great playing factor that limits proper functionality and performance. Well, considering the great role played by ATC in the industry, it becomes important to keenly delve into the concept of stress and unveil all the important information pertaining to its mitigation.

The causal factors of the stress

In most commercial airlines across the United States, air traffic controllers are expected to work under very tight and stringed conditions, which according to psychological studies, breed much of the stress levels realized from them. The causes of stress in ATC are usually a blend of so many external and internal factors within an organization and the individual. These factors are normally from operating complexities within the individual or organizational challenges in the workplace. There are several other sources of stress in ATC. These factors normally emanate from high peak hours, fear of the result of errors, ambiguity in the roles played, and the lack of control over the work process. ATC are among some of the people normally affected by high levels of emotional accidents. Such situations normally arise when air accidents occur involving many casualties or when they lose control due to high work overload. These factors play a very great role in escalating the amount of stress levels that confront most ATC.
Several safety threats have always been attributed to poor functionalism, which arises out of high stress levels from traffic controllers. Considering the importance of this job and its relevance in the industry, it creates the importance of instituting very elaborate measures in dealing with this issue in any aviation safety program formulated anywhere. Indeed, it basically boils down to dealing with the negative consequences of stress and mitigating any chances that can give rise to dangerous levels of stress in air traffic controllers. It is further important to realize that the high psychological demands from these aviation workers can be very detrimental in case they work to impair performance. Stress can further escalate social tensions in families, which will work negatively in mounting more pressure on the air traffic workers. The consequences of such a case can only be dangerous if not detrimental on safety grounds.

Other human factors have always played part in increasing the safety threats evidenced in commercial aviation industry. While...

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