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Aviation Crew Resource Management Essay

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Crew resource management is a management criteria which involves making optimum use all available materials,equipment,procedures and persons to promote safety and enhance the efficiency of flight operations.Crew resource management (CRM) was originated from the NASA workshop in the year 1979 and its main aim was to improve air safety.The NASA researchers found that the main causes of the most of the aviation accidents was due to human error,and the major problems were lack of interpersonal communication,clear decision making in the cockpit and poor leadership during flight.The CRM concerned a wide range of skills,knowledge and attitudes including communications,problem ...view middle of the document...

By sharing of knowledge and information will help to avoid the obvious incidents and accidents which arise due to loss of situational awareness thus promoting safety in the cickpit and overall management of the flight.Lastly there must be good planning and decision making among the crew members in the cockpit.For instance,the main aim of the CRM is to make sure that the high quality decisions are taken whenever there is a problem during flight operations.Successful planning and decision making helps cockpit crew members to make quick decisions according to the plans laid down thus solving the problem which may occur in the cockpit in time(Crew resource management).
The Crew resource management was developed because of improving safety in the aviation industry.This issue of improving air safety was introduced in 1979 when a committee organized by NASA found out that most of aviation accidents were caused by human error.The NASA committee then came up with CRM whose main issue was to make optimum use of all available equipment,resources, persons and procedures to enhance safety and efficiency in aircraft during flight.Besides the CRM was developed to provide crew members with mental processes used for gaining and maintaining situational awareness for solving problems, making good decisions,practicing good interpersonal skills and teamwork in the aircraft hence focusing in improving air safety(Aviation safety).
CRM has evolved in the airline industry for a period of more than 20 years.Even if there is no enough information about CRM to decrease aviation error,the industry has admitted the practices and trainings used by the CRM to improve air safety.In many times the survey data produced by military participants and civilian in the United States and abroad indicates that many flight crew members admits CRM practices and find them very useful and relevant.Intelligence Transportation systems(ITS) currently has established to give complete training solutions for all airlines which having plans to produce world- class Crew Resources Management.For instance,more than 60 airlines globally,from the Americas to the Far East and Pacific Rim,from the Arctic Circle to the South Atlantic works with ITS to improve their services(Integrated Team Solution).
According to Bob Lusch the concepts of CRM may never taken too far if the airline firms are fully controlled by command-and-control management and goods-dominant logic.But there is a possibility that this approach will change as time goes by(service-dominant logic and the social CRM journey: A bridge too far? ).
Crew member team building concepts in the cockpit are taken by qualified and sensitive facilitators through many steps of tasks in the cockpit.They normally stagger,restart ,succeed and finally celebrate before analyzing the lessons got from their achievements and failures and goes on to the next task in the cockpit.With strong team building they discover what it means to make good plans,listen...

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