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Average Student Reaches For Above Average Success

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Average Student Reaches For Above-Average Success

With her curly hair pinned up and her leg shaking nervously, Tricia searches for both potential employers to work for and Master’s programs on the Internet. In the midst of her psychology textbooks lay piles of GRE practice tests and Graduate school applications. For the past year this has been a daily ritual. As she clicks around, her eyes glaze over and a headache sets in; but she tells herself to stay focused. Graduation is quickly approaching, and she feels a lot of pressure to figure out what she is going to do next year.

In May, Tricia will graduate from King’s College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. “My options ...view middle of the document...

I changed my mind because I got discouraged. I felt I needed a break from school and some time off. The GRE’s were a lot harder than I thought they were going to be. Also, I realized how competitive Graduate schools are. I am an average student. I don’t have any experience. Graduate schools in my program rely heavily on GRE scores, your cumulative GPA, and work experience,” says Tricia.

The fact that Graduate school programs require such high GRE scores and a high cumulative GPA frustrates Tricia. “I believe that just because I am an average student, doesn’t mean that I should be turned away from having the chance at a Master’s program. So many factors come into play that you can’t judge someone on one test. I believe that you should be well rounded. You need to experience everything in college-not just study. I used to play a sport, and I have a work-study job. I believe that a well-rounded person like myself gets overlooked because of test scores,” says Tricia.

Tricia also says that how good someone is at taking a test is not an indicator of how successful they are going to be in their career. “Just because someone has a good test score doesn’t mean that they are going to be good at their job,” says Tricia.

Family Puts The Pressure On

Changing her mind was not easy. She got discouraged, confused, and felt like she was disappointing herself and others. When she broke the news to her family, they were let down. “The sound of going to Graduate school sounds prestigious to my parents, and telling them my plans had changed upset...

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