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The Bangladesh Bank (BB), through ensuring the quality of services and the competence of its staff, shall operate as a modern, dynamic, effective, and forward-looking central bank to manage the country's monetary and financial system with a view to stabilizing the internal and external value of Bangladesh Taka conducive to rapid growth and development of the economy. ICT in Bangladesh Bank
Bangladesh Bank started its ICT journey in 1980 with IBM 370 Mainframe computer and also started in-house software development. Since then Bangladesh Bank along with its own automations assisted different government offices, banks such as President Secretariat, National Board of Revenue, Sonali ...view middle of the document...

The objective of this site is to establish Bangladesh Bank as a professionally managed Central Bank and develop awareness about the financial and economic status of Bangladesh and to make available information about the regulatory & supervisory actions and financial & economic activities of the country. This site is a storehouse of economic and financial information. Contents of the site are updated instantly and regularly. It provides information to all types of consumer and stakeholders of BB and also to interested public. That's how it helps mobilizing the economic affairs of the country. The main features of the site are strong searching capability, important contact information, economic data, publications, circulars and press releases etc. are archived, and citizen can submit complain against banks using this site, prize bond match and result, guidelines of investment facilities for Non-Resident Bangladeshi, job opportunity at BB, links to all Banks and Financial Institutions of Bangladesh etc.

o Bangladesh Bank Intranet is developed as a Knowledge Management Information Base by sharing and reusing information with a view of right information for right people at the right time. It allows faster access to information and helps the management to make quicker decisions and take actions, thus improving the overall productivity of the organization. BB Intranet have some workflow to handle the day to day activity easily and within short time. The main features are focus on current economic and financial news from different online news source, graph and charts representing the economy of the country, organizational phone index, organizational chart, publications, some user interactive flows like survey, question and answer, some workflows such as leave application, meeting room booking, transport requisition, mailing facility, links to some in house running applications e.g. Human Resource Management System, Library Management System, Legal Action Monitoring System, and digital version of paper forms which are used by employees. BB intranet system is integrated with ERP (HR & Payroll Module) and Cooperative Banking System. So BB employee can access personal information (regarding official, educational, training, transfer, posting, promotion, leave, loan advance) from SAP through intranet. Employees can also access BB cooperative account balance statement using intranet and Cooperative Banking System(CBS). o Security Access Pass is an online system to issue access pass for visitors and manages of access information. o Balance of Payments System processes BOP related data such as returns of export receipts, import payments, loans, grants, wage earners remittances, invisible payments and invisible receipts of Authorized Dealers. It generates different reports that are used by BB, national and international financial organizations for analysis and policy purposes. o Sanchaya Patra is a client-server based system. The system is used to...

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