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Automated Attendance System Essay

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‘AUTOMATED ATTENDANCE SYSTEM ’ is designed to collect and manage student’s attendance records from RFID devices installed in a class rooms. Based on the verification of student identification at the entrances system, the RFID tag can be embedded in the ID card of the individual. First to activate a new session(hour) the teacher swipes her RFID tag this marks a new attendance session during which the students can swipe once to increment their attendance. The RFID module operate in 125Khz range, when a tag passes through its vicinity, the module senses its presence and extracts its unique serial number and passes this code into microcontroller which matches the code to the correct ...view middle of the document...

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method, relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. So the RFID is a wireless identification.
Normally the RFID system comprises of two main parts: RFID Reader and RFID Tag. RFID Reader is an integrated or passive network which is used to interrogate information from RFID tag. The RFID Reader may consist of antenna, filters, modulator, demodulator, coupler and a micro processor.







Power supply



The figure below shows the basic block diagram of the AUTOMATED ATTENDANCE USING RFID. It contains the following blocks:

1. RFID reader
2. RFID tags
3. LCD display
4. Microcontroller
6. Power supply unit


A reader (now more typically referred to as an RFID interrogator) is basically a radio frequency (RF) transmitter and receiver, controlled by a microprocessor or digital signal processor. The reader, using an attached antenna, captures data from tags, then passes the data to the controller for processing. The reader decodes the data encoded in the tags integrated circuit (silicon chip) and the data is passed to the microcontroller for processing


Tags also sometimes are called “transponders”. RFID tags can come in many forms and sizes. Some can be as small as a grain of rice. Data is stored in the IC and transmitted through. The antenna to a reader. The two commonly used RFID Transponders are Active (that do contain an internal battery power source that powers the tags chip) and Passive (that do not have an internal power source, but are externally powered typical from the reader) RFID Transponders.


The display support 2X16 characters, which means, the LCD can support 2 lines on the display and each line can display up to 16 characters which is relevant as the only essential output to be displayed is the student’s name and ID. Besides LCD Display, the output is displayed on LCD. The diagram of LCD display is shown in Figure and the detailed connections of the LCD is shown in table

The microcontroller used is PIC 16F877A. Microcontroller is a general-purpose device, but one that is meeting to read performs limited calculations on data, and contained is its environ based on these calculations. The prime use, of Microcontroller is to control the operation of a machine using a fixed program that is stored in and does not change over the lifetime of the system.

The MAX232 is an integrated circuit that converts signals from an RS-232 serial port to signals suitable for use in TTL compatible digital logic circuits. The MAX232 is a dual driver/receiver and typically converts the RX,...

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