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Autobiography Of Alan May Essay

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Alan M. May
Professor Yorke
Feb. 7, 2012
The Autobiography of Alan May

First I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Alan Michael May and I am the son of Randy May and Kris May. I have four beautiful children and a beautiful and loving wife. My childrens names and ages are (starting from oldest to youngest) Dawson Chitwood – 10, Alan May II (refered to as A.J.) – 7, Easton May – 3, Khloe May – 22 months. My wife’s name is Sebrina Joy Chitwood (May) and she is 28.
I will be taking you on a detailed journey into my life! I will start with my place of birth and briefly elaborate along the way on each of the points in my young life that I feel are most ...view middle of the document...

I can also remember the time when Dad took me for my first real ride in “the street”. I was so nervous and riding in the street was just not going to happen with my mom around. My dad took me “around the block” and when we got back I just thought that I was ‘”The Man”! From that time on my dad would go with me every once in a while around the block but most of the time if I got to ride in the street it was when we were on our way to baseball practice and we happened to walk that day. Practice was only two blocks away so sometimes we would walk if he was home early from work. Yes the young life seemed to be right where anyone would want to stay but as I grew older and gained more responsibility, I grew more curious of the world and the “other things” around me.
Now I find myself in sixth grade, middle school. I am twelve years old and I am starting to realize girls in a different way. There was this girl who had caught my eye from the very first day in Social Studies class. Her name was Michele Gardner, and man did I think she was pretty. She was the first girl who ever really showed some interest in me, as I was showing to her. I knew what I had to do but it was just so hard. I had to ask her to be my girlfriend, and that is exactly what I did. She said yes! I couldn’t believe it, this girl that I had all of these weird feelings about was now my first ever “girlfriend”! We shared a good relationship. I introduced her to my family, she came over for the Holiday’s and everything was going great. We used to sneak out to the portables after school while we were waiting on our rides, and that is where I had my “first kiss”! We dated for over a year and eventually broke up due to us both growing apart. I will never forget her and I will never forget that first kiss!
It is 1994 and as I said I am now 12 years old and I am in a very important part of my baseball life. My Dad is still coaching me and we went undefeated during our regular 20 game season. Yes that’s right 20 – 0. My father took our team to the District Championships and we won our district with ease. Now it was time for the All-Stars tournament. All the coaches in the league of 10, 11, and 12 year olds get together directly after the season and have a voting draft to pick the top 14 players in the league, from all teams. I made the team and it was time to practice and practice hard. There were days when we would practice twice a day because it was now summer time and we were all out of school. My dad was preparing our team to do what no other Rockledge All-Star Team had ever done before, and that was to win the State Tournament and go to the Southeast Regional Tournament and then on to the Little League World Series.
The District Tournament was close to home so we didn’t have to travel far. All of the tournaments were played as a double elimination bracket. We lost our second game of the District Tournament and had to play and win every day for the next 5...

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