Autobiography Of A Tree Essay

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Autobiography of a Tree
1. What are the benefits of trees?
2. Have you ever planted one?
3. How do you feel in a mango grove?

I am a tree of a small village. Proud and firm I stand on sandy
ground. I like all the village folk for the care and concern they show me. I
readily and happily offer shelter to their goats and sheep. Their children
play under my care and protection. I owe them my life.
It was long ago, when I was young and slim. I cared only for my
desire to grow up. One day, I saw a gang of the king's axemen sharpening
their axes to cut me down. I became highly anxious. I trembled with fear.
Suddenly, a loud voice echoed through the village. “Do not cut our trees.
They ...view middle of the document...

The village is an oasis in the region that is almost a desert.

Read and Learn



Word Power

Match the following words with their meanings.


to cut into pieces
to hold arms around someone
feeling of being grateful
to stop moving suddenly
to make something sharpen

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in brackets.

Mamta ___________ against cutting of trees. (protected/


This village is an _______ in the desert. (oasis/oases)

(iii) The king _______ that the village would never be called
upon to provide timber. (announced/proclaimed)
(iv) There are no trees in the desert ______ (region/reason).

The king ________ about the incident. (herd/heard)


Answer these questions.
(i) Who is the narrator of the story?
(ii) What were the axemen going to do?
(iii) What did Mamta do on seeing the axemen?

(iv) What did the villagers do when Mamta cried?
(v) How did villagers try to protect trees?
(vi) What did the king proclaim in the end?

Read the statements and mark [ T ] true or [ F ] false.
(i) Mamta lived in the village.
(ii) The axemen had come to kill people.
(iii) Mamta wanted to save all the trees.
(iv) No other villager came to save trees when Mamta cried.
(v) The village is an oasis in a region that is almost a desert.

Let's Learn
Read the following sentences carefully and observe the uses of
some punctuation marks like capital letter, full stop (.), comma
(,), question mark (?) and inverted commas ( “ .......” ).

Rohit was playing cricket.


Ram, Mohan and Rahim play tennis.

(iii) Where do you live?
(iv) I have got a pencil, a scale, an eraser and a sharpener.

Sheela says, “I am a poor singer.”

Now, punctuate the following sentences and rewrite them.

divya has taken tea



sita gita and salma were in the garden


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