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Autobiography Of A Manager Essay

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Autobiography of a Manager

!   Death of grandmother when Raja was two. Traumatic experience and continues to hurt him. He still carries a photo of his grandmother. !   Moved schools when he was in class V. He was thrown out of his comfort zone and had some difficulty adjusting to the new school. !   Raja’s parents were quite strict. His family had high expectations from him. “There was no question of being no. 2”. He missed a lot of fun in the school. Books became his best friend. He accepted his parents desire and never rebelled against them. Raja became an introvert. !   Raja was always good in studies but when he took up commerce in Class XI he did not perform well. He was shattered as he was always an achiever and when he failed to reach his goal it was difficult for him to get over it. !   He topped the school overall but still did not get an All India rank in commerce !   During his preparation for CAT he was infatuated with a girl who ...view middle of the document...

!   Raja had a dream to clear civil services. This dream was drilled into his head by his parents. His dream shattered when he could not attend the preliminary exams due to food poisoning. He did not have any regrets as he was being forced to appear for IAS by his family. !   Raja’s marriage failed within a year. This left him lonely, shaken, sad and angry. He feels guilty as his failed marriage has made his parents unhappy. !   After 5 years of work at ICG, Raja wanted to switch jobs. He had to get away from Chennai due to the social stigma caused by his failed marriage. Also he was bored by the work he was doing which was not paying him enough. !   Raja joined as a Product Manager at MARS, a software MNC in Bangalore. He was constantly firefighting, trying to solve one crisis after another. He was hardly given any credit for his doing. !   He did not enjoy his first year at MARS. He was living away from home and his health was not right. Going through a messy divorce proceeding

!   After the end of the the first year, things worsened at MARS. He was not promoted to Consultant Manager. At the end of second year Raj still does not have a client/project of his own. He is only required to fight crisis situations without ever getting credit.

!   Job issues: Should he move back to ICG? ICG cant match the scope of growth, exposure and salary at MARS. On the other hand he will move back to his family town in Chennai. Also he does not like the culture at MARS while ICG was a second family to him !   Health issues: Fat due to the bachelor like lifestyle in Bangalore. !   Raja feels he has disappointed his parents because of his failed marriage and his refusal for re-marriage. !   Raja is not in a very good financial position. He says that he spends all his money and has no savings. This is partly because he is paying a hefty alimony every month. !   Finally, Raja is very lonely. He is considering ending his life after the death of his parents as he does not have a reason to live. Raja lacks purpose in life. I think he should take this opportunity to re-discover himself. When he was a kid he wanted to pursue music but he did not have the time to do it. Once he changes his job to ICG in Chennai, Raja should start practicing music again.

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