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Autobiography Essay

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My Autobiography

June 5, 1982, on a cold late summer night a baby boy was born. Bystanders and spectators were expecting that this creation would grow healthy as a source of their family’s limelight, appreciation and happiness.
Days, months, and even years passed by. The creation was became an apple of the eye of every old family member. He has been seen with potentials, capabilities and attitudes that seemingly different from other members of the family. Later they named this creation as Jeffrey L. Comiso. And that creation was the one of the many people who struggles towards life’s fulfillment and happiness. Definitely, that is me.
As I grow up, I learned many things from my ...view middle of the document...

There I found great things, great people, and great cities. Only when I experienced living in a squatter area, and there I found out that there are still people who are unfortunate than me. Those are people who lack food to eat, who sleep under the bridges, beside the street, and even in recycled tarpaulin and rice sack, even in cart. They are people who beg coin for food. I had also experience going to bars as what nightlife offered me. There I felt being happy, but it was just superficial. It does not give me enough contentment and does not even contribute to my life’s purpose.

Only then I realized, lucky as I am because I live in a place that are conducive, for sleeping, and learning new things. That I have a caring family, enough food to eat and and little money to buy something I want. I then realized that GOD is so perfect and good because HE allows me to be in the limelight of life. And through that, I slowly learn why I am here, that is because God wants me to be a steward of His true love to the peopl.
When I got to be a member of a certain Sagip Kababayan Foundation I slowly learn to be happy and feel it deep inside. Giving of relief goods and items to disaster victims helps me realized that life doesn’t end to where our great troubles begin, it only ends when we give up and stop believing that everything will soon be better. Only then that I felt being happy whenever I see the eyes of every child that he is happy receiving the relief goods. Not just the children were happy during those times, not to forget also the feeling of comfort from the older people who receive your help. The happiness that you can see in their eyes is lasting and penetrating. Even...

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