Autism Can Be Successfully Treated Essay

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Autism Can Be Successfully Treated
For years they have been treating children with different physical problems such as: autism, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, hyperkinesis cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, etc.
The effects on the family of any exceptional child can often be devastating. Families have been shattered by the experience. The effects on siblings are also overlooked. I have not been directly affected by this disease, but am very close to loved ones in which deal with this life challenge every day of their lives. Recently, the ten year old brother of this precious autistic child, age 5, when asked about the change in his brother stated, now I have a brother, ...view middle of the document...

We are closing the door of life and opportunity on these children. Many were told to institutionalize them. Thousands of parents have spent many nights crying over the prognosis given to them. Most parents seek assistance from clinics looking for a miracle and are overwhelmed that the answer can be so simple.
If we look back, many great figures in history would have been labeled autistic by today’s criteria (in their childhood), and their careers curtailed. One of these to my opinion is Albert Einstein, who didn’t talk at age 6. He certainly would be labeled autistic by today’s standards. The American Autistic Society has publicly stated that these children can never be normal. This is a fallacious and damaging statement.
Autism is an altered state of the immune system rendering these children sensitive to exposure to certain foods, environmental chemicals, inhalants, molds and even chemicals in their own bodies such as neurotransmitters. These sensitivities clearly affect the brain and prevent normal functioning.
Most parents have seen their child develop normally for 18 months to 2 years of age. Then suddenly they lose their speech, eye contact, social interactions, and exhibit bizarre behavior such as: hand flapping, finger movements and repetitious movements. What has happened to severely change these children?
Most parents are convinced these changes occurred after the child received one or more of the many vaccines in use today (i.e.: DPT’s, MMR, hepatitis B, etc.) They often saw these children run a high fever then experience a gradual decline in their functioning.
Studies shown that other changes are occurring from the altered system.
1. Acidification of the blood from the loss of bicarbonate in the urine resulting in oxygen deprivation to the brain and muscles. Many of the children have been diagnosed with a metabolic acidosis of unknown etiology. This acidification of the blood is the result of an allergic reaction, usually to foods. This can be improved with sodium bicarbonate, Alka Seltezer Gold, Eno, Tums, etc.
2. Malabsorption of vitamins and minerals. This results in significant deficiencies in these critically essential substances.
3. Protein deprivation from allergy caused albuminuria.
4. Zinc deficiency from inadequate absorption and...

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