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Author Paule Marshall And Her Book "Praise Song For The Widow"

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Paule Marshall, the author of “Praise song for the Widow”, was born in Brooklyn, New York City. Marshall was born to African Barbadian parents. Barbados is an island nation located in the east of Caribbean Sea. Marshall went to Brooklyn College in 1953 and Hunter college in 1955. Before she started her career, one of the most famous African Writer and Poet, took Paule on a world tour, where they read each other’s work. The travel was a start for his career as a writer. In the beginning of her career, she mostly wrote poems on Barbados but later but later she came back to the fiction. She has written many short stories and articles in magazines. Marshall also taught black literature at many colleges such as “Oxford University, Columbia University, Michigan State University, and Cornell University”.Praise song for the Widow is very unique and persuasive ...view middle of the document...

These ecosystems include “cloud forests to cactus scrublands.” But unfortunately, majority of them were destroyed by deforestation and encroachment. The name "Caribbean" is named after the Caribs, one of the dominant Amerindian groups in the region at the time of European contact during the late 15th century.”West Indies came from Christopher Columbus' idea that he had landed in the Indies (Asia).” But he actually came to the Americas. Alternatively, Caribbean is also called Sea of the Antillas because Antillas means new lands in Spanish. Many book reviewers say that this book well represents African culture, especially the black women. The brief summary of the book Praise song for the Widow is following.The protagonist is Avatar (Avey) Johnson, who is a black widow born from New York. Avey feels secure about her life but she is worried that she totally forgot about her heritage. She is black but has Caribbean Origin. After her husband’s death, Avey takes a vacation to Caribbean. During the vacation, Avey gets shocked when she watches the black women dancing. Through the experience, she realizes that she needs so liberate her black spirit. During the cruise, she also begins to have ominous dreams about her great great aunt. The dream worries her very much and she tries to come back to New York City. During the wait, she recollects the memories of her marriage. She finds that she and her husband had been distanced from each other. She feels bad about the past when they were not able to exchange their own private ceremonies and gestures. The next day, Avey goes to another island and experiences an ancestral celebration. The celebration changes her a lot. She begins to transform spiritually.The book represents an alienation and exile of African Americans who lost their connection to their African heritage. The book shows about African music, dance, poetry and history. The book shows about African drummers and African gods. “Even the souvenirs are balancing dolls and cocoa bean necklace.”

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