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Australian Literature Is A Miror To Australians

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“Australian literature is a mirror to Australians”
How has the composer of your set text revealed aspects of Australian Culture?
Why Australians literature looks like a portrait of Australians. This mean to Australians that are literature is like a reflection that you can see in a mirror and that is very important to Australians. This is important and many Australians think that this is showing through Oodergoo Noonuccal poetry about why it is so important to Australians and how she says it also a strong way. These are showing through her poems Municipal Gum and Understand Old One. The reasons why I chose these poems is because in Municipal Gum she is comparing life in the city to the life in the country by doing this is has added a tree and in understand old one she is saying to ...view middle of the document...

In Oodergoo poem ‘Municipal Gum’ she is talking about a Gumtree in the middle of the city and not in the nature where it belong with her tribe we who this because of the quote on page 20 “ in the cool world of leafy forest halls and the wild birds calls” this is referring to where to the tree belongs. In this poem she is comparing the new and the old world of the Aboriginals. The new world for the aboriginals is the ‘hard black bitumen’ and the old world of living in the forest full of bird calls. The Gumtree represents the Aboriginals and their existence. The use of Juxtaposition in the poem is the life of living in the city and living in the country and also simile of describing the cart horse as ‘castrated’ (broken)
In the poem understand old one she is talking to one of her ancestors about the what the ‘white people’ have done to Australia quote on page 26 “what if you came back now” she is explaining this to her ancestors about Australia and how busy it is. Australia is represented in this poem as ‘towering stone gunyas’. There are quote in the poem of how she talks about Australia now “the city roaring, towering stone gunyas, planes in the sky over swarms of cars just like things frantic in flight”. The use of alliteration ‘frantic and flight’ and also juxtaposition of the new Australia and the old Australia how Australia was peaceful and now it full of frantic and flight.
Both of these poems are very strong and emotional, her poems are both similar in a way that they are both juxtaposed because in one poem she is talking about the life in the city and the life in the country and in understand old one the new Australia and the old Australia. Both of these poems are in a way very strong as she is explaining her life living in Australia.

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