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Australian Foreign Policy Essay

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Is Australia still inclined to follow the foreign policy lead of ‘great and powerful friends’ or has it found an appropriate place in world politics as an independent middle-power and ‘keeper of the peace’ in its ‘own backyard’?
Historically colonisation of this beautiful and vast arid land named Australia was first settled by the British and inevitably it was theirs to keep. The two countries emerged as one nation only separated by the division of the sea. From then onwards Australia had a responsibility, to keep this bond firm and effective however or whatever the cost might be. It’s by the same token that led Australia to take part in both world wars and a range of others. ...view middle of the document...

This economic mess subjected many political figures to point fingers at ally acknowledging that commodity export are in mess and due to European farmers which were paid higher wages and American farmer’s which were paid high salaries by the government in order to accumulate surpluses. Labor foreign affairs minister at the time Bill Hayden declared the likelihood of Australian government buying military equipment if it can’t sell its agricultural export. The minister called Australian government to over look nuclear emissions deal that had US joint facility Pine Gap and focus on economy which requires attention. Despite the problems raised the government would not change the relationship between US and Australia as the minister down as he was quickly corrected by the Prime Minister Bob Hawke saying security and trade never mix and should be kept separate(Firth, 1999, 32). At present economical conditions the idea of free trade agreement is coming to surface up as Australia becoming a member and allowing the imperial state to benefit at large. An aspect that is so defining and brings back the attitudes of Australia leader’s at time in the pitfalls of their economy but still in alliances superpowers. Economy is so entwined with security, security threat in Australian home soil arises from various dimensions due to the interstate connection of globalisation, and these threats faced can range from sea embargo of goods and commercials and not necessarily physical threat or cross fire (Gyngell & Wesley, 2007, 233).
Security is an object needed to be upholder as others will want to destroy it. Australian strategic culture has been shaped by idea of the state as the key factor in the security arena, a belief in the enduring significance of armed force in the international system, and a strong apprehension of potential threats. Security concerns facing Australia come from different ideas, organisations and regions (Gyngell & Wesley, 2007, 234). These concerns are examined and open debates whether Australia becomes self reliant country, or seek help from the alliances. It is worth noting whether Australia is under a threat at present or perhaps in the future which is likely to draw upon from any foreign or local terror, and if so who could it be. Fortunate many do believe Australia is likely to be venerable from diverse threats, and therefore need the external support Australia can achieve. However, from a traditional view the state is responsible for its citizens, and that Australia should not solely rely help from their alliances, but look over this idea and strengthen its arm forces and be ready to protect by with its arm forces between state to state wars. Currently also Australia should help its weaker neighbours that are Asia-Pacific nations to avoid civil turbulence, because internal civil unrest from near neighbours can lead spill over in relation with globalisation which creates a new international security concerns (Gyngell &...

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