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Australian Ethics In Engineering Essay

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The Australian education system which has been operating in Australia since European settlement has been unsuccessful in meeting the needs of Indigenous Australians. There is a long history of educational inadequacy where Aboriginal Australians are concerned. With a comprehensive understanding of the difficulty Indigenous children face in terms of acquiring an education in our education system, it is now possible to recognize particular techniques which may be used in an attempt to counteract or minimise troubles caused by feelings of discrimination amongst Indigenous children. We believe a problem with Aboriginal schooling retention rates is that the students don’t feel captivated or that ...view middle of the document...

Firstly, finding a teacher to accept would be difficult and funding a teacher’s salary for only two families isn’t feasible. What we need to do is implement a learning system they can manage themselves and is cost effective for such few people. The most suitable choice is computer software; we could design and create a computer program that progressively teaches numeracy and literacy to the user. The Bendee downs property already has internet, but its capacity is far from suitable. Our first step would be to upgrade the satellite dish and deliver a higher rate of data per second. Then we can supply and fund computers to Bendee downs, the computers would have extensive educational software installed in them that we have designed for use by the residents. Obviously our group would travel to Bendee downs and stay there for a few days to install the new computers and help the locals get started. When making the program we could base it on Aboriginal teachings and beliefs using both english and Aboriginal dialect and then incorporate western ideas as well preparing them for mainstream society if they choose. The program would be age appropriate and start off simple and slowly getting more complex, allowing for all abilities to grasp the key concepts of reading, writing, speaking and maths. The educational software needs to relate to Indigenous history, culture and development as well; as games that promote learning for primary and secondary education. The educational software will be a key learning tool for students as it allows them to progress at their own pace, instead of being left behind due to language barriers.

A second priority of the EWB project is to improve the health of the community and therefore increase life expectancies of Indigenous Australians, thus closing the gap in living standards. After financial status, health is the biggest separation between Indigenous and non Indigenous living standards. We aim to improve the Kooma resident’s health by forming the way for a better diet. The characteristic Aboriginal diet today is high in kilojoules, low in nutritional value, and high in fats and sugar. There is no need anymore to hunt and gather for food, so physical activity levels are generally low. Surveys show that metropolitan dwelling Aboriginal people eat more fast food and sodium than non Indigenous people. Living in remote outback communities reduces the range of foods available, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables. These diets are typical especially for lower income families, which is a high majority of the Aboriginal population. High fat, low fibre diets have been linked to a number of disorders including obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Diabetes is a serious health concern among Aboriginal people.
After financial status, health is the biggest separation between Indigenous and non Indigenous living standards. We aim to improve the Kooma resident’s health by forming the way for a better diet. The...

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