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Australian English Essay

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The title of this work is “Australian English”
The work which is presented deals with the study of the Australian English Language, about its pronunciation, regional variations, vocabulary.
The Australian English is a language with its own peculiarities and it differs a lot from Standard English and the other variants because it has its own history and development.
There appeared a large number of new words in each variety of the English language because of historical, political, different socio- economic events and of course it has affected to the Australian English. I wanted to learn more about the appearance, development and using nowadays of the ...view middle of the document...


Convicts sent to Australia came mostly from large English cities and included a significant proportion of Cockneys from London. They were joined by free settlers, military personnel and administrators, often with their families. The early form of Australian English would have been first spoken by the children of the colonists born into the early colony in Sydney. This very first generation of children created a new dialect that was to become the language of the nation.
The children in the new colony would have been exposed to a wide range of different dialects from all over England but mainly the south east, particularly from London. They would have created the new dialect from factors present in the speech they heard around them in response to their need to express peer solidarity. Even when new settlers arrived, this new dialect of the children would have been strong enough to deflect the influence of new children.
There is evidence from early written sources that a new and distinct dialect was pr Until recently, Australia was determinedly assimilationist. Although immigrant languages such as Greek and Italian are now accorded the status of community languages, and bilingualism is actively encouraged by the government, the impact of these languages on AusE has been negligible.
The main peculiarity that makes an Australian be recognized as such is the particular intonation pattern. As a whole, the accent is marked by a pronunciation reminding of southern English, but with a "nasal twang" ("Australian twang", described as being slightly different from New England twang) and a "drawl" as in America. In fact, the broadest dialect is defined by the longest vowels.
1.1 Australian English Development

Australian English began diverging from British English shortly after the foundation of the Australian penal colony of New South Wales in 1788. British convicts sent there, came mostly from large English cities. They were joined by free settlers, military personnel and administrators, often with their families. However, large parts of the convict body were Irish, with at least 25% directly from Ireland, and others indirectly via Britain. There were other populations of convicts from non-English speaking areas of Britain, such as the Welsh and Scots. In 1827 Peter Cunningham, in his book Two Years in New South Wales, reported that native-born white Australians of the time- known as "currency lads and lasses"- spoke with a distinctive accent and vocabulary, with a strong Cockney influence. The transportation of convicts to Australia ended in 1868, but immigration of free settlers from Britain, Ireland and elsewhere continued.

The first of the Australian gold rushes, in the 1850s, began a much larger wave of immigration which would significantly influence the language. During the 1850s, when...

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