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Audit Letter Essay

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June 5, 2010

Kenneth Collins
Senior Vice President
Research and Development
Riordan Manufacturing
One Riordan Plaza
San Jose, CA 95112

Dear Mr. Collins:

I understand that environmental and energy-reduction concerns have been on your priority list for some time now. With rising energy costs and a slowing economy, I commend your efforts to explore additional ways Riordan Manufacturing can implement energy-saving programs and practices.

As we have discussed over the past few weeks, Lunsford Environmental, Inc. has been providing consultation services to businesses just like yours for more than 20 years. With two decades of experience, our track record of saving costs speaks for itself. Clients of Lunsford Environmental have saved more than $250 million in energy costs.

With this in mind, I am pleased that ...view middle of the document...

The business proposal we will provide to you details the steps that Lunsford Environmental will take to review your organization’s energy usage and provide you with the latest cost-saving ecological alternatives. This proposal represents the most current research available, as our team of experts is constantly developing best practices and studying how the latest technological advancements can be used to create greater energy efficiencies at lower costs. The table of estimated costs summary that we will provide is based on our review of your needs at this time; however, these costs can be modified based on your ongoing needs.

During the next few days, we will be placing the final touches on the proposal. We will ship it directly to your office via FedEx within one week, so please be expecting our proposal to arrive shortly.

In closing, I look forward to talking with you further about your energy-management needs and about how Lunsford Environmental can provide you with the services you need to start reducing energy costs in ways that protect our natural resources and increase your bottom line. Please contact me any time regarding this proposal development process. Thank you very much for the opportunity to submit our proposal, and I, along with the entire staff at Lunsford Environmental, look forward to working with you in the near future.

Caitlyn Gartz
Caitlyn Gartz
Vice President, Marketing
Lunsford Environmental[1]

cc: Renae Rollings

[1] Please note that the names and organizations in this business letter are fictitious (excluding FedEx, San Jose, California, and Seattle, Washington). The information herein has been created for demonstration purposes only. The Lunsford Environmental logo has been created exclusively for the purposes of this tutorial and is not affiliated with any company or organization.

Lunsford Environmental
One Lunsford Drive
Seattle, WA 99304

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