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Audit Essay

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     Environmental protection

With the rapid development of the society, the rate of economic growth is becoming an increasingly important part for people to judge the government nowadays. Therefore, some governments in the world decided to ignore environmental concerns in order to increase economic growth. So human activities have caused great destruction to the earth in many ways.

First of all, many nations, especially the developing nations including China and India, have been confronted with pollutions brought by the excessive exploitation, which has threatened. Admittedly, no one can deny that depending on natural resources is one of the fastest ways for a country to increase economic growth. Natural resources such as trees and fossil fuels hardly exist in many countries in the world, so these countries have to import natural resources from other countries. Many countries in the world do not have large ...view middle of the document...

However, some, including me reasonably conclude that human beings should not ignore environmental concerns even to increase economic growth. It is our responsibility to protect our environment for our descendants. There are following reasons and approaches. The first reason for my propensity is that health is as important as air and water in our lives, therefore we could not increase economic growth by destroying citizens’ health. We all know that the environment is related to the citizens’ health. If the government destroys the environment in the country, the health of people in this country will also be hazarded. One of the representative samples to illustrate this point is England. England is the first industrialized country in the world and also the most powerful country in the world. But in order to gain economic growth, the government decided to ignore the environmental concerns. The environment in some industry cities in England was been fully destroyed. According to a survey, the people who live in these cities have higher disease rate than people who live in those cities which environment had not been destroyed.

Another reason deserving our special attention is that in order to develop the economy continually, the environment has to be protected carefully. And now, some countries even spend a large amount of money on repairing their environment. A survey conducted by the Chinese National Statistic Bureau shows that in order to repair the environment, the government has to pay more than fifty percent of money than it earns by selling the natural resources. In this way, protecting the environment is also a good way to increase economic growth. As a result, nowadays many countries have noticed the importance of the low carbon development. For instance, the green economy has become a popular term discussed by many local governments in China. And the State Meteorological Administration has begun to release the daily report of the emission of carbon dioxide. Media also has paid lots of attention on this issue regularly. These facts have all shown that it is unwise to ignore the environment for the sake of developing the economy.

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