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Attraction Safety Essay

658 words - 3 pages

MGT 656
Unit 2
DB 2
Lynette Chaney

Pick a company or industry. Choose a potential area of improvement for this company or industry.
My choice of industry is the amusement park industry
Potential area for improvement: Safety standards across the nation for rides
Discuss two benchmark companies or industries you would use for this company or industry.
Two companies within this industry that can be evaluated for benchmarking are The Walt Disney Company and The Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. These two companies utilize well known cartoon characters in their parks to attract families and they utilize many styles of rides to meet the desires of their visitors no matter their age.
Select a benchmark in a like company or industry.
In any amusement park it is important to place safety above all else. Across the United States, there is a lack of consistency in the safety standards placed on amusement parks for the safety of their rides. Another amusement ...view middle of the document...

Why would you choose these companies or industry?
The amusement park industry does not have consistency in the safety regulations across the United States. Some of the states have regulating bodies that evaluate the safety of all amusement rides within that state. Other states are lacking these regulations which can hinder safety standards for companies that have parks in many states. In the past year in Texas, the Six Flags Company was confronted with the importance of safety standards with the death of a park visitor that was ejected from one of their rides due to a lack of safety standards (Ariani, Rojine Sept. 2013). The company denies that they are not responsible for the death; however the investigation showed that the lap bar was faulty. With consistent and regular checks on the safety features of any ride, a company is able to show legally that they were diligent in assuring the safety of their visitors. Amusement parks such as the Disney parks have a reputation for ensuring the safety of their visitors, their safety record sets an industry standard. The Walt Disney Company has daily evaluations of each ride (attraction) by trained maintenance workers and has regular visits from OSHA for evaluation of the records of the attractions and to inspect the attractions regularly. Visitors expect to feel safe at amusement parks, having consistent standards would create an environment of safety within all amusement parks across the United States.
Discuss pertinent benchmarking information (lessons learned) that makes them a good choice.
Some of the lessons learned through the evaluation of these companies is the importance of evaluating the safety of rides, evaluate consistently the processes of the employees when loading and unloading a ride, and the value of consistent national safety rules and regulations. Disney sets the bar high for setting expectations of safety. Cedar Fair and Six Flags show through their safety records the results of slack safety standards. With regulating standards all amusement parks would be required to keep guests safety a focus for their rides.

Ariani, Rojine; Six Flags must be held accountable for tragedy; Daily Trojan; September 22, 2013

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