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Attitudes For And Against Personal Firearms

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Legal personal possession of a firearm is a very touchy subject in this day and age. There are two distinct attitudes towards personal forearm possession laws in the United States and they are obvious; those for and those against. Both sides of this longstanding argument similarly have supporters who are extremely passionate about each individual’s rights or lack thereof, to possess a personal firearm for protection or other reasons. In the same way that detractors of personal firearm possession see their side as controlling irresponsible gun possession by untrained and immature users, the supporters of allowing for personal firearms see their side as controlling irresponsible possession of guns by those whose only use for them is to break more laws. Each of ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, supporters for allowing personal firearms continually point out that criminals get firearms at will right now against the laws, are often better equipped than police themselves and would be more deterred to commit crimes if they knew their average American citizen might legally possess a weapon that can be used against them. While it’s true that gun laws now seem to keep the population of guns out of the average person’s hands, conversely it also appears that for the most part, gun control laws put that same average law abiding citizen at risk as well because it has failed to take away the illegal trade and street purchases that happen daily in your average town and city. We don’t need statistics to prove that, just turn on your local news at night and you hear of all of the violence that occurs daily in today’s society in relation to guns being out of control as opposed to being under control. My own personal opinion is that of a person who believes in the right to protect myself, my family and my property from those who wish to do any of us harm. I fail to see the benefit of gun control laws when it has not stopped those who wish to purchase them from doing just that and killing innocent people every day. If someone who has purchased a gun illegally enters my home and threatens me or my family, I want to have the option of having equal strength as a deterrent or self-defense option to protect myself and my family. I am sure if given a real life situation such as that, those who are against allowing law abiding citizens the right to possess a firearm as personal protection would rethink that position and wish they had one.

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