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Attitudes Case Study

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Schwartz’s 10 values are driving the behavior of managers at Bain and Company, Home Depot and Best Buy.

At Bain & Company they seem to be driven is driven by achievement and power. The CEO is using the downturn of the economy to “grab very talented people” Kreitner and Kinicki (2013). This means that people will be looking for work and may be willing to take a lower salary. They also show stimulation. Even though they are in the midst of downsizing they are still finding ways to expand, when people are new to a job they bring a wealth of excitement to that job.
In the case of Home Depot it seems as if benevolence and universalism are being exhibited. The CEO Frank Blake tries to boost ...view middle of the document...

As far as behavioral components I would say he is very aggressive at recruiting and is reaching out to former financial services consultants.

Examples of Home Depot and Best Buy trying to increase employee involvement
Home Depot is trying to get their employees involved by lowering sales and profit targets that employees had to meet to receive bonuses. This helped employees to maintain a positive attitude in such a trying time. As you can imagine any time there is a reduction in workforce people tend to get depressed about their jobs, by giving them realistic goals it keep them in a positive state and keep the momentum going. Even though they were in trying times they still talked about what happened and people were more receptive then they would be by just ignoring the matter. In the case of Best Buy the company set up online surveys to solicit ideas for cost cutting measures. People were very involved in this because they felt like they could make a difference and were part of the solution.

Analysis of Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior and how managers can increase employee performance during a recession.
According to Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior, behavior is influenced by one’s attitude towards the behavior. So if you want your employees to have better performance you have to find a way to influence the behavior in a positive manner, like setting goals for performance that are achievable, if you involved the employees in the goal setting it would be an easy way to get them on board with the goals and excited about them. The second predictor of behavior is called subjective norm. This is the social pressure to perform or to not perform. You as a manager could influence this by making one of the goals a team goal that way the team would influence each other. The third is perceived behavior control. This is the perceived ease of performing the behavior. This is why it is so important to set goals that are achievable but do present a challenge also, by doing this it is easy to get people excited. We at Corning have Goal Sharing. These are a list of goals that are set by last year’s performance with a slight increase of the goal itself. Even in the darkest of days we have always had goal sharing. The goals are set to be difficult yet achievable based on past performance. These goals...

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