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Attitude Towards The Roles Of Women And Marriage In Poetry

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What is the poet's attitude to the role of women and to marriage?In the poem 'A Women to her Lover', the attitudes expressed are very ahead of her time. It is written in confidence and with passion which highlights how strongly she wants to get her opinion across; she longs for equality with her partner, and thinks of herself as a 'wakened women of our time' because she won't conform to what society expects of her as she is aware of these types of relationships. In the first three stanzas she uses metaphors to show the women's outlook in an undesirable relationship.For example, in the first stanza, she uses juxtaposition to describe how men thought of women as weak and were in charge of them by subverting the ...view middle of the document...

The idea of 'worship' of women also a conventional motif in love poetry, but here it becomes feeble rather than romantic. In Act 1, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo uses religious lexis to describe Juliet as a 'holy shrine' and a 'saint' which is what was expected of women. For them to be described in this way shows how they are seen pure and perfect in their lovers' eyes. Therefore, when Walsh writes 'I am no doll to dress and sit for feeble worship' she is saying that she doesn't see herself as pure and perfect as she finds it is an unattainable expectation for women to live up to. She further indicates this view during the first three stanzas by ending them all with the rejection, 'I refuse you!'.However, in the last stanza the woman is not represented by this imagery; she changes her attitudes as she instead concentrates on the effects of an equal relationship. Walsh describes this desired aspect as making 'the stars to laugh with joy'. The personification of the stars indicates the significance of her relationship, and the use of celestial imagery heightens their love for each other. This powerful argument for equality suggests that 'co-equal love' will mean that she is his 'forever' and through this they will 'reach the very heart of God' together, which also links back to her earlier use of religion. By this she means she will only stand by him if she is treated correctly which is additionally displayed when she changes her use of direct address to the inclusive pronoun 'we'. Overall, she believes that her idea of a perfect relationship ca be achieved if they treat each other equally, otherwise she feels like the men are too in charge and overpowering in relationships.

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