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Attitude Survey Essay

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Attitude Survey
Christian Smith
University of Phoenix

Attitude Survey
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder commonly known as PTSD. Associated with American troops who have faced tragic experiences overseas. In this article we'll examine PTSD and discuss the preliminary issues experienced creating it. This survey will help explain specific instructions for administering, scoring, and interpreting our survey.
The purpose of our survey was to examine the emotional characteristics of soldiers after deployment. Many soldiers who've experienced traumatic overseas return home facing unknown emotional symptoms. Using our survey, we try to find a few commonalities between PTSD ...view middle of the document...

Our survey had to be constructed of questions that involved all periods of war. Other issues derived from age, race and social experience.
Specific instructions for administering our test, was to asked a series of 8 questions to 4-5 soldiers. 4 questions of X and 4 questions of Y. X and Y are to help explain an inter related connectivity between the sets, also to establish reliability. Due to the nature of test and questions, scoring was based on numbers of the incidents during deployment and emotional trauma after returning home. Interpreting our survey is based on two elements of X and Y. The X represents the actions of during deployment and Y represents emotional characteristics after soldier returns home. After the series of questions are asked, determining the values of X and Y will determine if the soldier has symptoms of PTSD.
The results of our survey, found common PTSD traits with soldiers who've been deployed overseas. The 4 questions relating to a soldiers deployment consisted of, how many years, how many dramatic events did you experience, how many times did you fire your weapon and how many enemy kills did you tally. Our 4 questions of Y, consisted of, how many days a week do you have night sweats, flash backs, flinches from loud noises and how many times a week do you have an erratic heartbeat?
Our survey test results conclude. 4 out of 5 soldiers showed signs of PTSD. One soldier didn't experience traumatic events due to being sent back to HR. 4 out of 5 soldiers experienced trauma. 3 out of 5 soldiers fired their weapon and 3 out of 5 soldiers killed someone. 2 out 5...

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