Attitude Legislation And Litigation Essay

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Attitude, Legislation, and Litigation
We are all human beings and regardless of our disabilities that we may or may not have, we all deserve the right to a fair and proper education. There are many challenges that face individuals with disabilities, but education should not be one of them. It is necessary for not only teachers, but for society as well, to be able to understand individuals with disabilities and be able to interact with them. Too often we have biased influences and labels we use to describe someone “different.” This is why educating society on the “exceptional” individuals in our society is crucial. As we all know, we do not live in an entirely compassionate society, ...view middle of the document...

” Of course, this does not mean everyone is understanding and empathetic. There are still many that are biased and show ignorance. The thinking and the education of students with disabilities has undergone a major transformation in the past several years. These children were once excluded from public schools and now are in public schools in special education classes.
Litigation has greatly influenced and changed the education of students with disabilities. IDEA and NCLB have been great factors in this change. Students with disabilities were once kept out of schools but are now mainstreamed into the public schools. Each student with a disability has their own individualized education plan (IEP) as well as many resources that are available (Drew, Hardman & Egan). Legislation has made all of this possible and it continues to progress each day. Court cases and laws have made this possible. America needs hold true to the fact that we should not discriminate, not even those with a disability. We all deserve a fair chance and equal opportunities. There will always be pessimistic opinions on this issue, unfortunately, that is something that will never change.
Legislation ensures that all parents are knowledgeable of their rights regarding their child’s education. IDEA enforced IEP’s so that there was a communication line between parents and teachers when it came to the plan of their child’s education. NCLB ensures that all students student’s and teachers meet their educational goals. In order for the schools to receive the federal funding from NCLB, states must gives assessments to students at select grade levels. Each state has developed its own standard under NCLB (Webb, 2006). Legislation has effected the education of students with disabilities by providing the necessary resources, accomodations as well as academic goals that need to be meant. Educators face many challenges when it comes to educating those with disabilities. The standards are much higher and teachers are held accountable for student’s academic performance. It is important for teachers to have the knowledge and tools they need to succeed when educating students with disabilities.
In the future, change will continue to occur in the education of students with disabilities. It will only get better and slowly progress...

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