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Attendance System Essay

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It seems that tradition has kept the paper-and-pen method of keeping records of attendance from falling out of popularity. Not that people are afraid of going through changes, and certainly not because there aren’t any other alternatives, but only because no one has cared. In reality, this method is fast becoming obsolete; in fact that time is already now. So in contrast with this modern day and age, when most tasks have long since been automated, many may even call this approach still being used in school today as history.

The paper method was convenient for a while until it became such a clutter just keeping them. Also, this type of ...view middle of the document...

This comes to mind also when the proponents look within themselves and see how their actions have

impacted their studies, therefore attesting too that many (if not all) carry a slight guilt of some bad habits acquired over time.

On the subject of automating access to classrooms and the taking of attendance, it seems very necessary as time management has always been part of the ethical framework of good learning. Time management is also important in promoting responsible individuals in family, school, and professional environments. Also, the security of folks and campus property is uncompromised if entry to classrooms can be traced down; students sitting-in between lectures or their mere loitering in empty classes can be controlled. Automating the same is not even costly nowadays and will not require much work to maintain. It only has to be functioning while the school is open, with its program stored in a computer that has to be kept on at all times. And the school already has several of those computers always powered up anyway: in the faculty, the dean’s office, as well as the director’s, and inside the room of the IT specialist. It will in fact eliminate quite a number of steps in completing the signing of attendance in a single class, and also save precious time that could have been used in discussions. It is also appealing to have the school make use of the same principles it teaches and incorporate them in a project such as this one; where students are able to showcase the knowledge and skills that they have acquired in years passed, in the same place where these things were also honed.

Moving forward, being implemented 10 years since, the system has a good chance of still being around. It covers issues such as efficiency on time management, and security through authorized access and identification. It is also a platform for future students to study on and learn about. It can be upgraded and is possible to be integrated into other systems as well. And since it is homegrown, it stirs up a sense of pride, inspiration, and achievement that could last a good long way after all of these had been realized.

Background of the Study

When another electronic device is linked to a microprocessor, it enables that device to have the ability to receive signals as well as send out responses. Much like when an electronic door lock is able to unlock itself and then do the opposite via commands that are relayed inside and out from a controlling apparatus. Devices linked together are able to communicate with one another, and a lot of useful applications can be developed thru their interconnection, with many different outcomes resulting from various methods of inputs utilized.

An RFID, or radio-frequency identification, can provide input. Each piece, a card for example, contains its own code (or serial number) that uniquely identifies them to be different from the others. Subsequently each person (a...

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