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Attack Prevention Article Evaluation Essay

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Attack Prevention Article Evaluation

Attack Prevention Article Evaluation
Network intrusion prevention systems are a huge step in organization security but should they really be deployed by enterprises now? This “search security” article takes its time to explain why or why not it should be.
Mike Chapple the author of the article saw a huge release of an IPS on a large network. This IPS came with the hype of massive sales numbers and the promise to get rid of the threats and give the administrators have peace of mind that the system is protected and safe. After the IPS was launched, it crashed after 15 minutes. The IPS technology was not ready to be implemented on such a large network scale on an unfiltered connection.

I personally believe the IPS technology was a bit rushed at its time and was not ready for large-scale networking. I am sure it was tested on little networks here and there and they thought it was good to go but of course ...view middle of the document...

There are two complementary ways of looking at an IPS:

1. An IPS is an inline network-based IDS (NIDS) that has the capability to block traffic by discarding packets as well as simply detecting suspicious traffic. Alternatively, the IPS can monitor ports on a switch that receives all traffic and then send the appropriate commands to a router or firewall to block traffic. For host-based systems, an IPS is a host-based IDS that can
discard incoming traffic.
2. An IPS is a functional addition to a firewall that adds IDS types of algorithms
to the repertoire of the firewall.

Therefore, an IPS blocks traffic, as a firewall does, but makes use of the types of algorithms developed for IDSs. It is a matter of terminology whether an IPS is considered a separate, new type of product or simply another form of firewall.

Even though quite a lot of intrusions are meant to be malicious, some are not; like if someone accidentally types in the wrong address of a computer by accident and tries to get into a different system without approval.

The intrusion prevention system might modify the configuration of the security controls to interrupt the incident. “Like reconfiguring a network device to block access from the attacker. If the IPS detects that the host has vulnerabilities, it can cause patches to be applied to the host to protect it.” (Scarfone, Grance &Masone 2007)

I thought the article was informative and I liked the fact it was in layman terms for the nontechnical people to understand it better. And from what I understand IPS stops the threat and the IDS detects the threat. Both work together in order to keep a system secure and safe. This does make it easier on the administrators.


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