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Att Stock Value Essay

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We all have cell phones these days, and most have internet, and use TV”s with all the extra features. Although there are so many different company's producing these products and it is a very competitive field. There are for sure the leading company's who by far have exceeded others such as At &T. Apple, and Verizon are also leading competitors in this field of technology. AT&T strives on having the newest technology and smart phones. It is also the worlds largest 4G network. We all know what AT&T has to offer us but do we know anything about the value of the company or how it gets the money to expand and be one of the worlds leading providers of telecommunications services.
AT&T was started when the telephone was created by Alexander Grahman Bell and his partners in 1877. When AT&T first came to be, the company ...view middle of the document...

In 2005, AT&T was purchased by Baby Bell SBC Communications for more than $16 billion
This DOW company offers the newest innovations in cellphones, Wifi, 4g broadband, and recently TV's. AT&T is quick to keep up with apple with the newest cell phones, and coming out with the TV site of the business. Offering phone plans to to not only individuals, and families, but also for business's. One of their most recent releases was Beam from Sierra Wireless, a 4G Lite USB modem with a built-in LCD screen. Beginning May 10th, customers can pick-up the AT&T Beam from AT&T stores and online for $19.99 with a two-year commitment, giving customers the fastest 4g lite network anywhere they want on their laptops.
The estimated revenue for the current quarter is 31.6B, and for next year is 130.37B, showing a huge increase in the all together value of the company. Although through the recession the company has suffered its own share along with most other DOW companies, the current value of the company is very good. Cell phones, internet, and television are something that has been growing a significant amount over the past years, and are most likely going to keep growing in the future. We all want the next best thing, and are most times willing to pay a lot for it.
Dividends for this stock have always either stayed the same or grown, never have went down. Even during the recession dividends stayed at .4 and now are at .45 making their dividend a pretty steady and worthy one. The current Dow Jones Industrial Average on May 6, 2013 is 37.09 and is estimated to keep climbing, sense the economic recession the value of the stock has overall been growing. The type of person who would invest in AT&T could be anyone from someone with a mutual fund, to a stockbroker. The corporation of AT&T has unlimited liability for the stocks it sells to consumers.

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