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Atmospheric Pollution Essay

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Atmospheric Pollution and Global Warming: A Real Problem


Atmospheric pollution is becoming a bigger and more serious problem as the years go by. What was once thought to be a myth, has now become a threat to species all over the world. The thought of global warming is still laughed at today, but there is enough evidence to prove that it is not a joking matter.
In the last one-hundred years, the Earth's temperature has risen by 1.4 degrees farenheit. It is expected to rise by 2 to 11.5 degrees farenheit in the next hundred years (epa, 2014). The weather and the climate has changed as well, and there is proof all around the world. Extreme weather is becoming the norm. ...view middle of the document...

Everything from krill to polar bears have been researched and they, too, have shown signs of struggling with polllution (Munro, 2008). "Significant changes in physical and biological systems are occurring on all continents and in most oceans" (Munro, 2008). Polar ice caps are melting because of the rising temperature in the ocean. This is killing off many different species of sealife, and salmon are even showing up in the Artic Ocean (Munro, 2014). If this type of pollution is reaching our waters, what happens to us when we consume the sealife?
There is also the threat to our oceans and sealife from the amount of garbage
that is dumped each year. The worlds biggest landfill is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, known as "The great Pacific garbage patch" (Garbage patch, 2014). Currently, it is two times bigger than the state of Texas (Garbage patch, 2014). What is even more shocking is that 10 percent of the worlds plastic ends up in the ocean (Garbage patch, 2014). Marine animals can become poisoned if they feed on
this plastic, but they can also get tangled up in it. Albatrosses have been known to die because they grab whatever they can find in the ocean. When smaller creatures feed on chemicals from the trash pile, they are fed on by larger marine animals, which then threatens the entire food chain in sealife (Garbage patch, 2014). While 80% of the trash comes from land, the other comes from private and commercial ships, fishing equiptment, oil platforms, and spillled shipping containers (Garbage patch, 2014). So what are we doing about this?
Some small communities and islands have eliminated the use of plastic bags (Garbage patch, 2014). To ensure that dumping of trash no longer continues, there needs to be laws in place. If these were followed, then the amount of dumped waste would reduce drastically. Even with laws in place, the bigger concern is the pollution going on all around us. What can we do about atmospheric pollution and the threat of global warming?
Unfortunately, "Carbon dioxide can stay in the atmosphere for nearly a century, so Earth will continue to warm in the coming decades" (epa, 2014). Even with this news, people can still start to make a change today that will benefit the future of our planet. Many individuals have started to recycle and use organic materials so that the treat of pollution is lower. There are other options to cut back on the burning of fossil fuels. Solar energy in a household limits the dependence of coal. Simple tasks such as turning off the car engine and limiting car usage can lesson air pollution. These strategies work, but they are not efficient enough by
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Research and identify the effects of atmospheric pollution, global warming, and ways to prevent it. | Review environmental websites and articles. .Document the effects of atmospheric pollution, global...

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