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Athens And Forest Reading Through A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Written By William Shakespeare, It Is Easy To Find Out That The Play Can Be Separated By Two Sides Generally. One Of Them Is Near World, Represents Complexity,

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Athens and Forest
Reading through A Midsummer Night’s Dream, written by William Shakespeare, it is easy to find out that the play can be separated by two sides generally. One of them is near world, represents complexity, statutory and fact. The other one is mystical kingdom, represents simplicity, freedom and dream. William Shakespeare uses antithesis to point out the differences from near world and mystical kingdom.
The first thing, there are some differences in the complexity of people’s life. Athens, in the other words near world, wedding is a complicated ceremony. In ancient Athens, wedding ceremonies started after dark. Her family followed the chariot on foot, carrying the gifts. ...view middle of the document...

This book was also compared to a Picture of Athenian Life. Women do not have choices for her husband. However, mystical kingdom has more freedom in legal system. Even though there are King Oberon and Queen Titania in mystical kingdom, little spirits can have a relationship with the King and the Queen as friends instead of the relationship between bond servant and slave owner. They have their own mind of love.
On the one hand, Athens, embodiment of fact, is ruthless and practical. People have to work for their life. It is the world that William Shakespeare was living in. Writer complained the darkness and callosity through the depiction of Athens. On the other hand, mystical kingdom, representation of dream, is wonderful and upbeat. For mortal, the things that have happened in the story are dreams. Instead of dream, it more likes the expectation of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream finds its setting is a complex, imaginative world, which we can imagine as containing waking and dreaming modes. In its waking mode, the humans live as if on the shore with the firm belief that their shore is the only irreversible reality. The waking mode is controlled by Theseus’ “cool reason” (IV. i. 6), a tool applicable only to certain areas...

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