At Risk Behavior Essay

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Children who often display behavioral problems tend to be put into the classification of “At-risk”. These children may exist in any grade level and may display multiple signs. These “at-risk” behaviors may range from slight behavior trouble, such as bad grades and disinterest, to more sever behavior, such as violence and rage. These children risk not only failure in school, but failure in life as well. They may drop out of school, become members of gangs, act in fits of violence, and become drug addicts. Teachers must be aware of signs and intervene when a child shows such behavior.
In this assignment our case study is a sixteen- year- old tenth grader which could be male or female since ...view middle of the document...

Another behavior of Sally’s that I would address is her lack of sociability, and friendships. Sally may be withdrawn, or just shy. Children who are shy tend to have lower self-esteem and think of themselves as less friendly than their more outgoing classmates (Hyson & Van Trieste). One way to put Sally into a more social situation would be to assign cooperative learning exercises. While splitting the classroom into groups, I may put Sally with other quieter students. Placing Sally in a group of other quiet students will require them to speak with each other instead of more outgoing students taking the stage in the group. Another project I may implement would be a personal hobbies project. This project would include creative methods to express their personal interests. Hopefully, with this exercise students, especially Sally, may find other peers which have some common interests. After implementing the exercises I may rearrange the desks of the students to group with similar interests. I would arrange the classroom with in groups of four desks facing each other. Another way to get the students to be more socially active will be to assign classroom “jobs”. Such jobs would include taking attendance, passing out papers, collecting handouts. This will encourage good social skills and peer-to-peer interaction.
Sally displays two “at-risk” behaviors which can be addressed in a combined fashion. Sally...

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