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Astronomy Vs Astrology Essay

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When you look up at the stars do you think about your future or how you belong in such a large universe? Are you concerned with what planet is the ruler of your sign or how the sun rules your planet? Many people confuse astrology with astronomy when in fact they have many differences. From the history to stars and planets, and even the science behind them, there are many ways to tell them apart. This paper will explain in depth the various differences, including astronomers and astrologists, our solar system and the zodiac constellations, and finally why astronomy is considered a science and astrology, a pseudo science.
Astronomy is defined as the study of matter outside the Earth’s ...view middle of the document...

A lot of people also associate Galileo with the invention of the telescope but this is not correct. He created the first high powered telescope that could magnify up to twenty times. (Wilde, 2003) This was one of the first telescopes that could examine objects in space.
When examining the physics behind astronomy three big names come to mind Kepler, Newton, and Einstein. The laws of planetary motion were founded by Johannes Kepler. He is also considered the founder of physical astronomy. Isaac Newton is the creator of the three laws of motion. There three laws are the laws of inertia, the law of actions and reaction, and finally the law of acceleration proportional to force. Albert Einstein is the founder of general and special relativity. He was also able to create a formula to calculate the speed of light.
There are many celestial objects that are related to the subject of astronomy. The major celestial objects of our solar system include the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The Sun is the largest and most central of all the celestial bodies in our solar system. It burns very bright and very hot, giving off more than enough heat and light to fuel our planets. Mercury is the closest orbiting planet around the sun. Since it’s so close, Mercury’s temperatures are so hot that it has no atmosphere. The second closest planet to the sun is the beautiful Venus. With its highly chemical saturated atmosphere, Venus emits one of the brightest glows of any planet, which can be viewed from Earth almost every day. Venus is also referred to as the Earth’s twin sister because of their relative size and distance from each other. The third rock from the sun, Earth, is the only known life sustaining planet, so far. Mars, which is the fourth planet from the Sun, is a beautiful red colour. This colouring occurs because of the large iron content in the soil mixing with the atmosphere, causing it to rust.
The second largest celestial body in our solar system, which is also the fifth planet from the sun, is Jupiter. The most noticeable thing about Jupiter is its great red spot. This spot is a storm that is occurring on Jupiter, the size of one hundred Earths. Saturn, which is the only planet with visible rings that surround it, is the sixth planet on our journey outward. Saturn’s rings are made up of rock, ice, and dust debris. The seventh planet from the sun is Uranus. It’s the only planet that orbits on its side. Neptune, which was the ninth planet for a while, has returned to its position as the eighth planet from the Sun. Next year, in 2011, Neptune will make its first orbit around the sun since discover in 1846. (Rao, 2005) Pluto was the ninth planet from the sun, until it was decommissioned as a planet.
Now that the basics of astronomy have been discussed, let’s take a closer look at astrology. The Babylonians were the first people to recognize the zodiac, which is the sequence of constellations along...

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