Asthma Essay

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Topic: The Life-threatening Disease Asthma
Organization: Topical
Specific Purpose: At the end of my presentation, I want my audience to be educated on the conditions of asthma, how to manage the disease, and how to help someone under an attack.


A. Attention Getter: What illness do you think is the leading cause for children missing 14.4 school days and 14.2 million adults missing a workday? Well I personally thought the common cold or fever would be the leading cause, but in 2008 the American Lung Association deemed Asthma as the illness responsible (“Asthma”, 2010)

B. Relevance: Allergy season is here. Since allergies are a main contributing cause of ...view middle of the document...

1. Inflammation is the body’s way of defending and repairing itself from bad environmental conditions.

2. The American Lung Association stated that people who have asthma have sensitive airways and can increase the continual swelling by inhaling specific substances that trigger an ‘attack’ or ‘episode’.

3. According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the airways react when it becomes narrow because of the muscles tightening around it, which causes swelling and increased mucus production. This reaction causes asthma symptoms, so treating them immediately can prevent a fatal attack.

4. The exact cause of asthma is unknown, but the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute concludes that genetics and inheritance are the main contributing causes, which include:
a) An inherited tendency to develop allergies
b) Direct contact with an allergen or viral infection in infancy
c) Parents with asthma
d) Specific respiratory infections during adolescence (bronchitis) ("Asthma and children," 2010).

Transition: Now that you know some of the basics of asthma, knowing the specific triggers and symptoms is the next step to better understand the disease.

A. Many things can trigger asthma symptoms. Some triggers include:

1. Animal’s hair, (cockroaches)
2. Mold, Pollen, Dust
3. Changes in Weather
4. Air Pollution- an environmental exposure such as ground level ozone produced by cars causing a major problem in big cities. People can also develop asthma from this who were previously healthy
5. Tobacco Smoke
6. Aspirin (anti-inflammatory drugs)
7. Sulfites in foods
8. The common cold or respiratory infection
9. Exercise
3. Some common signs of asthma are:
a) Coughing- especially at night or early in the morning, making it hard to sleep.
b) Wheezing when you breathe. ("Asthma," 2011)
c) Your chest tightening or squeezing together usually with chest pains
d) And shortness of breath, out of breath (worsens with physical activity) ("Asthma," 2011) Abnormal breathing pattern
4. Emergency symptoms include:
a) Bluish lips ("Asthma," 2011)
b) Severe drowsiness, confusion, and level of...

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