Assyria And Persia Essay

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Among empires their were many that caused conflict. Their were several historical circumstances resulted in conflict among empires. Effects of the conflict included war,destruction and cultural diffusion. The Persian and Assyrian empires established themselves upon Assimiliation.
The Assyrians were ruthless,they were led by Sargon(The Great). Every piece of territory that the Assyrians conqured the people in the villages were murdered,they would rape the women and after kill them and sometimes they would either sell the children into slavery or keep them and raise them as their next generation. The Assyrians were so ruthless because they lived in the desert and they were denied water and natural resources so they had to murder to survive. The Assyrians left a trail of terror in all the ...view middle of the document...

After the Assyrians got what they wanted they lived in a sort of peaceful way. The Assyrians created the sprinkler and created one of the world's largest libraries.
The Persian(Achaemenid) empire was the largest that the ancient world had seen,this empire extended from Anatolia and Egypt across Western Asia to Northern India and Central Asia. This ancient empire began in 550 B.C.,when king Asytages of media who ruled at the time over much of Iran and Eastern Anatolia was defeated by his Southern neighbor Cyrus(The Great)king of Persia. Cyrus was greatly known for his peaceful tactics,he took the whole of Babylon without spilling a drop of blood. Cyrus entered Babylon and presented himself as a traditional Mesopotamian monarch,restoring temples and releasing political prisoners which made the Babylonians like cyrus and want to convert to his empire.
After time Cyrus(The Great) died and the empire was left to his son Cambyses,who was driven by greed and power. Cambyses after Cyrus died went on to take rule of Egypt,although king Alexander lll conqured Egypt about 193 years later. The Persian empire defeated Greece in the Persian wars but their reputation was stained. The Persian empire was the first to seperate empires into states ,They had governors(Satraps) to govern these states. Darius(the great)created a new uniform monetary system when he took rule,he based it on silver and gold coins,this boosted trade. This removed the need for forign monetary systems. Darius did a lot of good for the Persian empire when he was in rule,he did a lot of construction on the empire.The Persians spoke Aramaic(their official langauge) and They beleived in Zoroastrianism.
Both these great empires were faced with many circumstances that led to conflict. These two groups the Assyrians and Persians both had their differences and had to fight for what they wanted.

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