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Assumption Of Risk Essay

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In the Dillworth v. Gambardella, 776 F. Supp. 170 (D. Vt. 1991) is a case where the
Plaintiff sues a skier that feel and thereby knocking down the plaintiff who feel and injured his
back. The jury came back with a defendant verdict and the plaintiff files a motion for a new trial
on the grounds that the court made an error in instructing the jury as to the Vermont Sports
Injury Statute and its relation to the doctrine of assumption of risk and the applications to this
case. The appellate court denied their motion for a new trial and stated “that the sports injury
statute applied to participants in any sport.” The Assumption of Risk doctrine states that
“when a risk or danger is obvious ...view middle of the document...

This inheritance of assumptions of risk
and if the action is applicable to the case is a question of fact for the jury, and therefore the jury
in this matter found it applicable, which was not thereby applicable for a new trial.
The jury in the Dillworth matter applied the assumption of risks to all participants in
sports, not just the operators of ski resort. In regards to dangerous activities and sports in
general the court stated that
“when a primary assumption of the risk exists there is no liability
to the plaintiff because there is no negligence on the part of the
defendant to begin with; the danger to the plaintiff is not one which
the defendant is required to extinguish or warn about. Having no duty
to begin with, there is no breach of duty to constitute negligence,”
showing that even other participants not just those in charge of the activity can not be negligent
for risks that are inherent to the activity. This assumption of risk has a broader appeal than just
skiing and was stated that “A person who takes part in any sport, including skiing, accepts as a

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matter of law the inherent dangers of...

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