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Associated With The Inniative And Financial Effects They May Have

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Environmental Factors
Marilys F. Robles Rivera
July 25, 2013
Professor Thelma Gonzalez

Environmental Factors
Environment global international field is a key field of the environment of most managers, today more than ever. In addition, several groups are pushing for new forms and higher levels of ethical behavior of managers and greater corporate social responsibility.

The overall feel, sometimes called macro environment, includes the external factors that usually affect all organizations or most of it, in every company is present although the specific types of forces and environmental conditions vary from industry to another.

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To minimize fluctuations in sales and profits, companies must seek foreign markets to take advantage of differences in business cycles (recessions and expansions) that exist between countries.

Social factors
    The influences that come not only receive all of our families, we must be very aware of other aspects of our lives, connected with friends, the sports we play, the environment in which we operate, our cultural tastes, fellow students, the way of life we ​​have, and so on.

    Personal relationships and the environment in which they develop the way we are determined future.

    On the other hand we must bear in mind the icons that influence, often decisively, in our personalities. Taking as reference figures whose sacrifice famous to become known as zero, will create people seeking quick success at any price and will surely be very ephemeral.

    Instead considered successful if the references provided to us by the media and we see daily are people who have made themselves, through effort and work for years, getting to be happy after taking out a personal project, the options imitation are older and mostly better.

When analyzing a company through an extra-financial lens, taking into account the impact that she and their activities on society. The social impact is one of three extra-financial factors that are taken into account, along with the environmental performance and corporate governance. The social impact measures may include labor management policies of the company and the approach to equal opportunities and human rights as well as the direct impact of their activities in the local community.

Every culture values ​​some people more than others, such distinctions determine the class or social position that an individual has within a culture, as in business would value the managerial group members rather than members of production groups . But what determines the position (or class) aria considerably in different countries. The position of a person, in part, is determined by individual factors, and partly by the membership or the person belonging to certain groups. Membership is determined by birth (known as group memberships assigned) include those based on gender, family, age, caste and ethnicity, racial, or national. Affiliations not determined by birth are called acquired group memberships and include those based on religion, political affiliation, professional and other associations. Sorting affects business functions MARKETING. For example, companies decide to use people in their ads to their target markets admire or with whom they identify.

The following discussion focuses on some of the characteristics and group memberships that influence the position of a person in different countries besides adding two factors: Education and Social Relations.

• PERFORMANCE ORIENTATION: some countries reward people for the improvement and excellence of their performance more than other...

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