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Assisted Suicide: Should It Be Legal?

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English 1102
Professor Turner
December 9, 2014

Assisted Suicide: Should it be Legal?

Imagine getting the news that you only have a few months left to live. And during those few months pain begins to take over your entire body to the point you cannot bare it. Eventually you are bed ridden in a hospital, unable to do simple tasks without the aid of someone else. Life is no longer about living, but about that agonizing path that will soon lead you to death. Nobody wants to spend the last few months of his or her life suffering in pain, powerless and incapable of being independent. Someone that is suffering to this extent may come to the point where they decide that they do not ...view middle of the document...

Doctors will typically prescribe the patient with prescription of a medication that is used to end his or her own life, which will come in the form of one small pill. The patient is able to carry this pill with them wherever they go and take it at their own discretion. No one is forcing the patient to take the medication; it is completely up to the patient when and if they want to take the dose.
Many times, people think that assisted suicide will turn into doctors prescribing this pill to mentally ill patients, or people who suffer from strictly depression. Physician-assisted suicide should be legal only for people who are suffering from an illness that is causing them tremendous pain or has caused them to lose their quality of life. These types of people suffer excruciating pain and are unable to do simple daily tasks such as going to the bathroom on their own, or even moving from their bed. An article on Santa Clara University’s website gives the example of a man named Matthew Donnelly who wanted nothing more than to die. For 30 consecutive years, Matthew was conducting research with the use of X-rays and, eventually, his body began to deteriorate. Skin cancer began torturing his body to the point he was becoming mutilated. “He had lost his nose, his left hand, two fingers on his right hand, and part of his jaw. He was left blind and was slowly deteriorating” (Assisted Suicide: A Right or Wrong?). Despite his cries for help and his desire to die, his pleas went unanswered. “Then, one day, Matthew’s brother Harold, unable to ignore Matthew’s repeated cry, removed a .30 caliber pistol from his dresser drawer, walked to the hospital, and shot and killed his brother. Harold was tried for murder.” People like Matthew are suffering a great amount and are truly miserable. Assisted suicide is not an easy way out for him; it’s an end to agonizing pain and suffering.
Lastly, people are more likely to agree with assisted suicide once they understand the benefits that this method has. When someone has an illness that cannot be cured, it is extremely difficult for the family of that individual to have to watch their loved one die a slow, painful death. It is not only easier on the patient, but may be much less stressful for the family involved as well. When someone is dying from an illness, it may make things much easier on him or her knowing that they have a choice of when they want their suffering to end. It brings them peace to know that when the disease...

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