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Assingment 2 26 Essay

640 words - 3 pages

Department (number of employees) | word processing | spreadsheet | database | presentation | accounting | |
Sales (112) | 10.3 | 6.7 | 8.0 | 4.5 | 6.3 | |
Operations (82) | 3.9 | 29.9 | 7.9 | 1.2 | 6.1 | |
Accounting (55) | 13.6 | 65.5 | 14.9 | 4.5 | 45.5 | |
Average for each program (Company) | 9.3 | 34.0 | 10.3 | 3.4 | 19.3 | |

Note: the red bolded numbers are the highest software usage for that particular department for all programs, with the average being at the bottom.
2. I would recommend training for the programs that are most used in each department. For example, in Sales I would recommend that they train in word processing as the most hours on average are spent on that program. For operations and accounting, the use of spreadsheets take up most of their time spent on software and thus I would train in the use of spreadsheets. ...view middle of the document...

A visual representation is a more vivid explanation of the average usage of each program. Likewise, both charts show just how much the spreadsheet programs are used by the company in comparison to the others. I think it is a more effective method.
5. One method that can be used is the use of at home training, this is quite popular amongst businesses, where a portal is created for the employees and they can access training programs from outside the work environment. The cost associated with it can be considered more a one-time fee as they can be used for many years over many employees, not just one session that benefits only the people that are currently employed with the company.
Another method that can be used would be to host on-town training sessions, where the training would not be held at the office but within an area of town that many can access. This is particularly useful if the office itself is difficult to host training in, or is hectic and cannot supply the space to accommodate employees.
Overall, I would say that the use of portals and at home training would be the best option. It can be used for many years and does not require a time and place. There can be limits in which a person does need to complete a module by, but I believe giving them access to doing the training at their leisure can benefit the company as a whole. Furthermore, the ability to reuse the training is particularly favourable because it does not force multiple sessions where money can be lost in production. The modules can be developed to specifically fit the training required and can be custom to the company itself, they can be user-friendly and easy to pick up and do. They can also have incentives attached to them in the way of “club points” for completing a program for example, and they can be easily accessed and monitored by the company itself to see how successful the programs are and what the completion rates are.

Note: attached is the excel file I have used to calculate the data within.

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