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Assignment Unit Iii

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Learning Journal task
Late submission

-Did you complete all the requirements for this unit?
This week I cannot talk about completing all of my requirements, for for the first time during my study I did not have enough time to complete my learning journal task, a work that I used to do since before the given deadline. I know clearly the principles of the university and always behave myself as an accountable man, but this week I don’t what happened I did not have the time to submit my learning journal task on time. I hope that won’t produced back and ...view middle of the document...

The way that human being is conceived in the mother’s womb, it could difficult for someone to imagine such thing. The woman, by means of a process called ovulation get free an egg that will meet with one of the several millions of sperm that a man ejaculate, and since then, the process of getting a new born begins. People could ask questions such: how the bones get form, the hair etc. but we should say that all of the form from the meeting of two cells.
Another concept that has kept my attention through the reading is the one of teratogens which may be any harmful stuff that can affect badly the baby while being inside of the mother. Those stuff are usually from outside and they usually consumed by the mother that bears the baby. You can imagine how careful that woman should be while bearing a baby, for they may be consuming products that are good for them but not the little baby, among those stuffs we find alcohol, cigarettes, and others.We were talking about the children development while being within the mother’s womb. After seven or nine months the baby is born and begin to develop in another area where he will learn most of his new habits from people and the environment in which he evolves.
The topics that I talked about through those lines above are the ones that I found interesting and that kept my attention.

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