Assignment Research Methodology

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1.1 Scientific vs non-scientific knowledge |
A researcher in South Africa has seen that potential employees who has previously worked in the Northwest and applied for positions in Gauteng companies tended to submit CV’s that contained very limited information. He thus hypothesised that all applicants from Northwest submit incomplete CV’s. |
1.2 Ethics in research |
A researcher is interested in studying the reasons why managers in Company Y are severely burnt out. She has read about an American study addressing the same issue of manager burnout and decided to copy that study in South Africa. Company Y has also provided her with sufficient funds to ...view middle of the document...

1.3.3 Roberts, T.L. 2010. Soil-based tests for nitrogen fertilizer recommendations in Arkansas rice production. Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas. (Dissertation – PhD).1.3.4 La Londe, Bernard J. and James M. Masters (1994), “Emerging Logistics Strategies: Blueprints for the Next Century,” International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Vol. 24, No. 7, pp. 35-47. |
1.3.5 Einarsen, S., Hoel, H., Zapf, D., & Cooper, C. L. (2003). Bullying and emotional abuse in the workplace: International perspectives in research and practice. London, England: Taylor & Francis.1.3.6 McCrae, R. R., & Costa, P. T. (1996). Toward a new generation of personality theories: Theoretical contexts for the five-factor model. In J. S. Wiggins, & H. Change (Eds.), The five-factor model of personality: Theoretical perspective (pp. 51-87). New York, NY: Guilford Press.1.3.7 Neill, J. (2003). Personality and individual differences: An undergraduate psychology course. Retrieved from McIntyre, R. S., & O`Donovan, C. (2004). The human cost of not achieving full remission in depression. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 49(1), 10-16.1.4 Quantitative and qualitative research |
1.4.1 The relationship between management style and turnover intentions in South Africa. |
1.4.2 Employee experiences of work-life balance policies in Gauteng organisations. |
1.4.3 The reliability and validity of the Leader-Member Exchange Questionnaire. |
2.1 Origins of research problems |
2.1.1 Researcher X is interested in testing the theory of motivation developed by Herzberg amongst employees in South African mines. |
2.1.2 Researcher Y has been requested to conduct a study to determine whether the commitment of employees in Boran Pty. Ltd. is influenced by the communication strategy, since management has observed a decrease in employee commitment |
2.1.3 Researcher Z has read a newspaper arguing that management fails to use employees’ strengths in the workplace. However, he disagrees. Therefore he is interested in conducting a study to disprove the statement in the newspaper. |
2.2 Feasibility and suitability of research questions |
2.2.1 Researcher A is interested in investigating the return on investment of all training and development programmes presented at all insurance companies in the Western Cape. |
2.2.2 Researcher B has been asked by the CEO of Company Y to study whether team performance is influenced by their team leader’s leadership style. This study has been done 5 months before, but the CEO...

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