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Assignment For Seminar

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Nattanart C. ID: 5629258

Assignment on groups and communication in seminar ”Getting together”
Pattaya 12-13, October,2013
Experience during freshmen seminar

Assignment 2 : Group Dynamics & communication
Type of activity
1. Describe group activity that was going on
a. The topic - goal of group activity
The goal of this group activity is to create harmony, create the identity. To accomplish a task successfully together as a group is to create social identity and pride of being GSB students of Assumption University. Even we are from different places and cultures but we can well fit in together through the activities we participated.

b. The process - What was going on
The ...view middle of the document...

One of us can play piano so he volunteer to play piano, the other one can sing so she volunteer to sing on stage. Other members in the class act as great audiences giving flowers and cheer up their class presenters. There was no conflict during the activity.
Each member of us has a high standard of norms. Firstly, we couldn’t decide what to perform. So we thinking of everyone danced on stage together. But after we have the volunteers, everyone agreed and accepted and took part by cheering up the presenters while they were on stage.
There were no obvious rules as it was an informal activity. The only thing is that all of the members should fully participate.
Types of groups
* What types of groups have emerged or were formally established
For the whole day activities, it was task group because people are grouping together to accomplish a task and then the group dismissed when task accomplished.
* How you were working most of the time
* in two(pairs)
* three or more
* or individually
You and the group
2. Describe your role in a group
Got new friends……………………..Stay with old
Have fun…………………………………Rather bore
Keep close………………………………Keep distance
I was an active one but not the leader. I’d rather follow the opinion of people in the group. I may identify myself as a linker in the group but sometimes also provide direction and follow-thorough like a producer too.
I got some new friends but also stay with old friends. It is better to say that we have a closer relationship among people in the same class and also building a little relationship with students from other classes.
Me and group
* There were moments when you felt unhappy
* Yes
* No
There were no moments that I felt unhappy, only feel bored some times when the activity was too long.

* Your ideas were accepted by the group
* always
* often
* sometimes
* never
My ideas are sometimes accepted by the group. We always share the opinions.

Group dynamics
3. Describe what was going on in your group
* Everybody was active yes…… no…..
* Only few students were giving ideas majority was not involved yes………..
* Was it nice and fun for all……….not for all……
It was fun. Most of us were active. Even only few students gave ideas but the majority was involved and agreed to the group decision. Most of students are good followers.
It was nice and fun for all of us. It is a very good chance to get to know more of each other, know more people and closer relationship with other members.

* Was it boring and most of us were looking to the fast end…….was not boring………
It was not too boring. Only in some activities that were too long then we feel a little bit bored.

Group success
4. How successful was your group
* Very good first prize
* Good second – third prize
* Average ...

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