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Unit 5.9 Personal and Professional Development

Level 5 15 Credits

Sample Assignment


It will have become evident to you from your time as a student, from your experience in employment and indeed from life in general that personal and professional development is on-going. An important aspect of this is making progress, fulfilling your potential and achieving success in life.

In order to take this forward you have decided to produce a learning log which will consider theory and capture your plans and progress in relation to future career progression. You must carry out a number of tasks:

Task 1

In the first section of the log you wish to understand how ...view middle of the document...

You should:

• undertake and document the development activities as planned
• reflect critically on your own learning against the original aims and objectives set in the development plan
• evaluate the time management strategies used
• update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation.

Task 4

In the log you wish to demonstrate some of the interpersonal and transferable skills you have acquired.

• Using the information provided below you should select solutions to these typical work based problems.
o A conflict has developed at a personal level between members of a team which are delivering an important project for the business.
o A manager is concerned about the poor time keeping of a junior manager who directly reports to her. This is both arrival times and the late delivery of completed work.
o There is poor liaison between the front and back offices of the organisation and this is leading to poor customer service, with billing and customer complaints.
• Using the information provided below you should develop communications in the appropriate style and manner.
o A manager has received an email from a customer complaining that the goods received were damaged. This was discovered by the customer after the delivery van had departed.
o A manager wishes to inform her team about a training day for them which details all of the relevant information.
o A manager wishes to make a formal presentation for the introduction to a session on personal development planning.

Task 5

In the final section of the log you should reflect on all the work completed to date and:

• Propose ways in which lifelong learning in professional and personal contexts could be encouraged
• Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs

Guidelines for assessors

There is no suggested word count for the student’s assignment work in this unit. The assessment criteria for the unit specify the standard a learner is expected to meet. They demonstrate that the learning outcomes have been achieved. The suggested evidence listed below is how students can demonstrate that they have met the required standard.

|Task number |Assessment criteria |Suggested evidence |
|1. |1.1, 1.3, |The log must be organised and laid out in sections. The first section must |
| | |include an evaluation of various approaches to self managed learning. There |
| | |should be a balanced evaluation of the benefits which must cover both |
| | |individuals and organisations. ...

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