Assignment: Eeo

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Assignment: EEO

The United States Constitution claims that all citizens have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Although most Americans agree with this, under past employment policies by both small and large corporations, many recognized minority groups were being heavily discriminated against. Individual’s civil liberties were being violated based on their race, sex, age, disability, etc. Over the last 50 plus years, thousands of court cases, some reaching as far as the Supreme Court, have brought about change for employee’s equal rights.
One precedential Supreme Court case in particular, Griggs v Duke Power Company, has created major changes in corporate ...view middle of the document...

One case even involved Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice nominee at the time. Although Justice Thomas was cleared of any wrongdoing, sexual harassment can even affect the most powerful men and women that run the country, including politicians, who seem to make the unfortunate headlines every year. Under the EEOC, two forms of sexual harassment are recognized as illegal, quid pro quo and hostile environment.
Quid pro quo harassment occurs when submission to or rejection of sexual conduct is used as a basis for employment decisions. For example, if a manager offers an employee a position in return for a date or denies this employee a position because he or she want give into the manager’s sexual advances, then the manager is guilty of sexual harassment. This is both unlawful and deeply unethical.
Hostile environment, the second type of sexual harassment, occurs when unwelcome sexual conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with job performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment. Unfortunately, many employees are usually unaware that they create a hostile or offensive working environment or the victim accepts the uncomfortable situation as a social norm at the workplace and keeps silent. Hostile environment sexual harassment can be something as simple as telling another employee that he or she looks good in their outfit if it makes the employee receiving the compliment uncomfortable. The victim in this case may see this as a sexual advancement or an intimidating maneuver, even if no malice was intended by the other employee. Perception is key in avoiding this type of situation. If there is a possibility for a comment or suggestion to be taken in the wrong context, then it best to stay silent.
Similar to sexual harassment, affirmative action can be a very controversial issue too....

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