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Assignment 4

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Week 4
Scenario- you have been hired to develop a networking plan for a warehouse company. The company has already purchased the equipment necessary to set up the network as shown above, so will need an IPv4 design immediately. You will later to plan for IPv6 to be implemented using the same organizational constraints.

For IPv4 the best address to use is private address because private address has a build in device called NAT, also known as Network Address Translator. NAT translates IP address from a private network address inside the organization, and then the outside traffic used a public IP Address. Now with IPv6 used what unique local addresses which does not allowed device to be access on the network externally. The bad ...view middle of the document...

The DHCPv4 server also provide stateful information to nodes, in the form of a managed IPv4 address. Each node that requests configuration gets one unique address from a pool of IPv4 addresses that it manages. With IPv6 the DHCP assigned dynamic IP Address to allow devices to share limited address space while online.
What is the largest prefix/mask size( in Bits) that will support the stated subnet requirement and device count per subnet for IPV4 used addresses that are 32 bits in length. Each 8-bit field, is represented by a decimal number between 0 and 255, router using IPV4 requires a distinct subnet that it can serve. This is done by using CIDR, which is Classless Inter-Domain Routing which is a method for allocating IP addresses and routing Internet Protocol packets. And subnetting the ip packets into smaller subnet to better manages your network. So to answer the question the largest prefix is 64 bits unless you used CIDR then it /32. Now with IPV6 it is divided into two 64-bit segments and separate by 4 groups, which leave 128 bits size.

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