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Assignment 3 Rfp Response

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RFP Response
Professor Orlando Rivera
Business Strategies & Proposals
November 17, 2015

The purpose of this paper is to analyze a government request for proposal (RFP) and develop a proposal by the firm that is competitive. The firm will develop elements of the proposal in order to respond to the RFP using competitive business strategies. This paper will also serve to analyze the matrix of 5 roles and responsibilities within the organizational structure that will allow for the firm to execute the proposal.

RFP Response
The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is a women-owned small business established in 2002 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company provides educational ...view middle of the document...

Each role has its own set of responsibilities. The capture manager’s role is to organize and coordinate all of the activities necessary to pursue the opportunity and prepare the proposal. The capture manager is responsible for developing the bid strategy, keeping senior management informed in regards to the opportunity and overseeing the planning and development of the proposal. The proposal manager, working under the capture manager, is responsible for planning and preparing the proposal. The program manager has the responsibility of executing the program once the firm has been awarded the contract. The production manager/proposal administrator is responsible for formatting and producing the final proposal as well as delivering it to the customer at the time bids are due. This individual handles all of the administrative tasks involved in the proposal development. The technical volume manager must prepare the technical volume of the proposal along with any attachments and the cost volume manager is responsible for preparing the cost volume of the proposal (Osborne, 2011).
At this time, LAP feels that they are ready as a firm to submit proposals for government bid solicitations and has developed a capture team to be as competitive as possible. The capture team at LAP will consist of a program manager who will also fill the position of proposal manager as well. Other individuals will fill the positions of production manager, technical volume manager, and cost volume manager respectively. Once the capture team has been designated and each member understands their respective role, the firm is ready to pursue government RFP’s.
The Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) site is the central website used by all federal procurement agencies to post open procurements with solicitations estimated to cost more than $25,000 required to posted on the site. Users can use a variety of search parameters such as keywords, solicitation number and set-aside or classification codes (Bame, 2013). LAP is looking for procurement opportunities that are set aside for women-owned small businesses that relate to the educational field as this would be where the firm would have the best chance at being awarded the contract.
Combing through solicitation notices on FBO, there is a posting that just might be what LAP needs to get their feet wet. The solicitation is titled “Customer Relations Skills Training” and is a proposed 12 month base period contract and is 100% set-aside for Women Owned Small Business NAICS 611430 (FedBizOpps, 2015). The RFP is seeking out training by the contractor, for both leadership and field staff, on all aspects of customer service including identifying customer problems, communication methods and customer service traits. Field Staff training will be held at approximately 6 different locations training personnel ranging from 20 to 80 people per site (FedBizOpps, 2015).
Once the RFP specifications have been reviewed, there is slight...

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