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Assignment 23

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Assignment 23

Understand Child and Young Person Development

Task A
Table 1: Physical development
Age range | Explain the sequence and rate of development |
0-3 months | New born baby will move its head to look for a nipple or teat. When a baby is held uptight, they will usually start to make stepping movements. At about 1 month the babies will start to look less curled up. At 3 months babies will start to lift and turn their heads. |
3-6 months | At 6 months babies will start to turn their heads to see what is happening if they hear a sound or a voice. They can reach out and grab things and move it from one hand to another. They are now able to sit up with support in a high ...view middle of the document...

| At 2 ½ years they will start to go to different extremes to get hold of an object that they want. They will start to enjoy playing together and enjoy new challenges. They will start to go on slides and climbing frames, will jump from low steps. At the age of 3 years they are able to start walking upstairs on alternate feet. At the age of 4 they start gaining in confidence and are able to become more independent. Will start to skilfully use their hands to carry out different activities such as coloured pens and using scissors |
4-7 years | Most children of this age enjoy being busy and playing cooperatively. At 5-6 years of age their physical development is less rapid. However at this age they are now having the ability to kick and control a ball. They will also start to have more readable handwriting. They will also have increased fine manipulative movements. At the age of 6-7 they are able to do many day to day tasks – tidying away, laying the table. They are starting to have preferences and their own hobbies, also start exploring new things like ride bicycle without stabilisers, balance on a beam or wall. |
7-12 years | At the age of 7-9 years they are now more able to do things more quickly, confidently and also more accurate. Their drawing and writing at this age is a lot neater. When they cut out pictures it is also a lot more accurate. Children aged 9-11 years old can now read, write and draw. Also children at this age have got greater coordination and they have got more speed when carrying out both fine and large movements. |
12-16 years | The girls and boys of this age start to feel their body changes. This is when their bodies begin to prepare for adulthood. Girl’s puberty usually begins at around 11 years; however boys may not start until they are 13 or 14 years old. This physical change can cause some embarrassment and anxiety. If any girls start to feel they are developing too quickly or not fast enough could lower their self-esteem. They may feel sment and anxiety,tsrt to feel their body changing.e without stabilisers,balances on a beam or wall. always hungry, appetite is great, also need for sleep increasesMost of them have skin problems, acne, which may be problematic. Sweating increases. |
16-19 years | Physically by the age of about 15-16 girls will have finished becoming women. However for most boys puberty will start at the age of 14 and it is likely to take about 3 years to complete. Occasionally in this ages group they could have poor spatial awareness as a result of the body shape changing quickly this is particularly common in boys. |

Table 2: Intellectual and cognitive development
Age range | Explain the sequence and rate of development |
0-3 months | At birth babies might be able to recognise the sound of their mother’s voice. When a baby turns 1 month old he can focus and reach for objects, identify his parent’s face as well as localise sounds (look in the direction of the sound). At this age,...

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