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Assignment 203 Client Care And Communications In Beauty Related Industries

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Assignment 203
Client care and communication
In beauty related industries


Task 1: Produce a fact sheet page
Bibliography page

Task 1: Produce a fact sheet

The importance of;

* Using effective communication to identify client needs and expectations

It is important to listen inventively to clients and have good verbal and non-verbal (body language). This can include talking in a positive tone of voice and terminology the client understands, using manners where applicable, waiting for the client to finish speaking before answering ...view middle of the document...

* Providing the client with clear advice and recommendations

Providing the client with clear advice and recommendations is great for clients that haven’t necessarily had the treatment many times before. They may be un-aware of what full treatments include, whether there’s any preparation involved or what methods may need to be used for their desired look. You could ask open ended questions to get more of an insight into exactly what they are hoping for. This also good for promoting your own business as you can promote products to maintain the treatment, thus contributing to profits in the business. It is also important you provide the client with excellent after care advice and information for on-going treatments. A lot of this can be discussed during consultations or after the treatment. (make sure client understand and agrees before carrying out treatment). All of this is to ensure you can create a treatment plan suitable for your client.

* Client confidentiality in line with the data protection act

Trust between the client and therapist is crucial but it is a law to keep client information absolutely confidential. You have to ensure the client information is up to date, legitimate and used only for job also must be written on client cards and locked in file storage or if saved electronically then it has to be a password protected computer and only available to therapists when absolutely necessary. It is also the client’s right to know exactly what information of theirs is stored with your salon.

* Communication techniques when supporting retail opportunities

As previously described having good customer trust and identifying customer needs can be beneficial when trying to promote and sell salon products. Knowledge in the products you sell and having good sales techniques, body language and eye contact can also increase sales. You must follow the sales code to have successful sales. This is where you should identify the opportunity to sell the product. For instance, if you have just finished the client’s makeup and have used a lipstick you can recommend they buy the product to maintain their look after they have left the salon. You must then have excellent product understanding and knowledge, this way the client knows exactly what the product is for, you can then...

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