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Assignment 2 Case Study

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Assignment 2 Case Study
Kristy Matthews
HSA 501
Professor Dr. Chad Mortez
March 1, 2015

Assignment 2 Case Study
Imagine that you are a hospital administrator at the Sunlight Hospital in California. The main complaint among patients is the quality of care. Your job is to understand the state of the hospital, create value, increase efficiency, and turn the facility into a local hospital of choice. Whenever you are making visits in the various wards to meet the employees and the patients, you hear how the patients love the hospital, but they would like to see certain improvements in care. The employees seem to be very busy executing their duties and not interacting much with the ...view middle of the document...

There are several guidelines put in place for the development of quality measurements. First of all, in order to be effective, quality care measurements must be economically sound (Cleven, Winter, Wortmann, and Mettler, 2014). It is necessary for those measurements to be easy to create, without being costly or time consuming. Secondly, the entire process of collecting data and all it entails must be completed within a realistic time frame (Cleven, Winter, Wortmann, and Mettler, 2014). Lastly, these quality of measure must be able to be put into action. HCO’s depend on correct measurements concerning performance in order to show where they rank on the scale of quality standards (Cleven, Winter, Wortmann, and Mettler, 2014).
There are certain quality of care measurements that can influence the likelihood of potential clients choosing certain healthcare facilities during their time of need. The first major concern of customers is safety. The mortality rate of a healthcare facility can weigh heavily on a person’s decision of whether or not to seek care from that organization. A second factor contributing to client’s choice in healthcare is the overall effectiveness of their treatments being received. Potential clients are looking for the best care offered, so of course it is natural to want treatments being provided to be highly effective. A third factor that can influence a client seeking care is how patient centered the facility itself actually is. Most clients who conduct research before walking into a facility want to know what the general public think of it first. They also want to know overall exactly how satisfied previous clients were with the care received, as well as how many clients would return in the future. Fourthly, clients in general like things to be handled within a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, another contributing factor involved the overall wait time for care to be provided. No one likes to sit in a hospital waiting room for hours on end, especially if they are experiencing extremes symptoms. Therefore, a hospital offering something such as a Fast Track option for those clients who are less severe that could be in and out right away would be a more recommended option than those offering generic wait times regardless of the health concern. Lastly, potential clients are seeking the most equitable facility. All the healthcare in the world does no good unless the person receiving care is financially able to pay the bill. Therefore, a lot of customers seek the facility with the highest quality, yet most inexpensive healthcare options.
Four Main Features Used to Design a Quality Improvement Plan
When designing a successful quality improvement plan, there are certain features that are necessary in its development. The first key factor is the quality of work life provided for employees. In order for them to work harder at their jobs, certain provisions need to be met (Delmatoff and Lazarus, 2014). Employees seek a profession...

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