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Assignment 2

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Budget Request: Hiring New Officers in the Community.
Lafisha Hinton
Strayer University
PAD 505: Public Budgeting and Finance
Dr. Joseph Keller
November 4, 2012

Budget Request: Hiring New Officers in the Community.

In this paper I will be discussing a budget request for hiring new police officers in the community due to an increase in crime that has been announced by a concerned council member. The rate of police officer hiring is growing but at a moderate rate this paper will discuss how the community can see an exponential decrease in crime with the increase of police officers within the community.
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When hiring these types of talents there will be less money in the training of the individual and more concentration on the duty of the officer saving the community more money. This request will be justified as an increase in crime and workload has increased over the years, the crime and workload has risen moderately over the six year period we never hired new officers and now seems like a great time to contain the problem. The increased workload and crime increase will have to be covered by three full time employees and two part time employees. This need has been developing since the year of 2006 when the economy seemed to be going into an economic depression, when people began losing their jobs crime increased and the workload for the officers went up as well because they were handling situations they were not accustomed to such as counseling families and being mentors to children whose parents were working to help with the ever rising gas and food prices. The manager was informed of the changes in the workload and bought it to my attention that something has to be done or we will lose business in the area due to crime and on other factors. If the request is not funded this will have a major impact on the department the public will no longer believe we are here to protect them just to satisfy a fiscal budget that is drawn up every year. People in the communities will then feel as though they will have to take the law into their own hands causing turmoil within the communities.
Justification Two
With the hiring of new officers this will also shoe citizens that we put their public safety in front of the balancing of a budget. Crime analysis done by my team and the increase in the population is what prompts us to request for the hiring of new officers. Community policing is required in each community by officers hired through the state this type of policing promotes structural strategies, which provides the officers with partnerships and problem-solving skills, that will deter crime and social disorder. Safety of each citizen is our number one concern people have to feel safe walking from school, the movies or even walking to their car at night after a long shift. This justification of hiring new officers will just make people feel safer, when they see our patrol cars covering their areas, and also when they see our officers in their local school protecting their kids from any type of violence or verbal assaults. This year we are seeing the biggest increase in retirees, our senior officers are retiring this is also a factor in our need to hire new officers.
Objection One
The first objection would be that after doing the analysis of 911 response calls and hands-on activities of the officer do we really need more officers? The officers are very efficient and they exceed all of their goals that are placed before them. Crime in other areas of the community is at six year low so, why do we need these officers? With the hiring of these...

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